Home front command established a national network to coordinate all emergency agencies

The system, which went into full operational use at “a turning point”, allows for mutual coordination between first emergency bodies operating in Israel, so far
Make use of separate networks

תאריך: 11/12/2011, 14:33    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Home front command runs successfully, contact her system already connected the networks about the HFC’s and Israel Police, and soon also and other rescue organizations The system, which went into full operational use at “a turning point”,
A first response to the coordination between emergency agencies.

The system is based on upgrading the network of the HFC and its launch included the replacement of all radio equipment on dozens of antennas sites spread across the country, adding new transmission sites and acquiring additional mobile sites to operational areas
Without a fixed tax. Upgrading the network, consisting of some 60 million, paid in full on
By the IDF and expired.

Lieutenant Colonel Gil Hoffman, רמ”ח & deterrence (פקע”ר key), explained to the IDF website that the new system “is about the best standards in the world, in addition to communication networks
Which use u.s. emergency officials. “The new system allows radio and support future data transfer and video material bodies do it.”

Carmel fire event “made clear the need for significant system that allows first DCL at the highest level. Thanks to the initiative of the home front command, Israel emergency officials will be able to ‘ talk ‘ to each other and work in common during this type of emergency events, “notes Lt. Col. Hoffman.

Defense Minister, Matan Vilnai, explained recently that the intention in establishing the consolidated radio is based on “inadequate coordination between the parties and the various emergency agencies during the second Lebanon war.” He said that continuous communication and better enable task
Quality of bodies operating in emergency mode.

In preparing the article attended sonsino era and avichai life.

Translated from Hebrew