Home front command established dedicated teams to help the Ethiopian

אחד הצוותים, השבוע

Following the operation, “pillar”, decided to establish the personnel category consist of volunteers and soldiers to help Committee members to an older population that does not speak Hebrew and is practiced to correct behavior when firing rockets.

תאריך: 19/11/2012, 10:24    
מחבר: יעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

As part of the propaganda activities of the home front command during operation “pillar”, was released this week for the first time a special team composed of soldiers, airmen and Ethiopian volunteers help specifically for adult population of the Ethiopian people, witness who lives in the South. This population has difficulty understanding the instructions the HFC to an emergency.

“Some people, Ethiopians, who do not understand Hebrew well and understand what to do in a State of alarm,” the IDF commander in the site (regimental training base), Lt.-Col. Golan and coming. “We wanted to bridge that gap and thus established. We go home, and give a feeling of security and confidence to citizens.
Don’t know how to drive while firing rockets, “he said.

Lachish District Commander, Colonel Shalom Sabah said “this morning we were at home with sons of the Ethiopian residents, and they find it hard to understand our instructions about what the
Protected. Immediately we sought Ethiopian front command airmen, together with TS have established volunteer teams to explain how to get 30 seconds to cover. “

The home front command explain that the decision to recruit civilians to act came from our desire to help the population to help itself. “We believe that a man from the neighborhood who speaks your language and comes from within you, and empowering residents rather than we come and take responsibility for the city and thereby commemorate the weakness,” said Lieutenant Colonel and coming. “Of course citizens who help do so entirely voluntarily. I’m sure the next days it steamroll like a snowball, because the need is greater. Members of the ADA is very warm and being envious and I believe that there will be compliance, “noted.

In the HFC is already thinking about expanding the project to other populations. “Beyond help, it also picks up the soldiers. Many of the soldiers who are in command, shell company, now become the heroes of the war. Eventually they just needed here, “said the Commander of the defense and added that
“The residents flood the soldiers and volunteers with hugs, gifts and food.

Translated from Hebrew