Home front command exercise completed missile fell in controlled

This is the first exercise Haifa District of the home front command, which was established last week. The drill included search and rescue operations from collapsed building, freeing casualties affected area purification casts unconventional

תאריך: 23/09/2011, 13:20    
מחבר: אופיר הגלילי, אתר צה”ל

Haifa District of the home front command, launched last week, has been enough to practice this week for the first time a war scenario and missiles fell in preparations. The district which dominates the area, beach, Yokneam tirat hacarmel, this is the first time she used a similar type of scenario, since it was established two years ago as part of the province.

During the week practicing search and rescue battalion in reserve rescue command civilian building that collapsed, freeing and purifying in hit a non-conventional missile attacks, and also in industrial area and dealing with hazardous substances emitted as a result.

“We practice describes the war that we estimate to be in the situation, said the IDF website, District Commander Colonel Eitan Yitzhak. “Non-conventional event is very complex, requiring coordination with civilian bodies. Eventually we
Not only exploring how is practicing in the geographical place, but the relationship with civil authorities. The important thing is that the truth פקע”ר can help citizens to continue to conduct continuous and stable life.”

As noted, less than a year ago to cope with rescue forces, in which disaster killed approximately 44 people. “The Hof hacarmel Regional Council is the Council experienced personally the event of the fire, they were at the heart of the problem and felt how the home front command was in an emergency situation,” said Colonel Isaac. “Some of the goals of the exercise are to give the Council a sense we strengthen and improve can cope with such events, while full readiness”.

During the active front command and observation balloon which help transmit medical information operating on the ground. “The balloon is designed to provide intelligence and allow a few more tools to understand in our work,” explained Colonel Isaac and added that “the advantage is
The balloon allows you to see the exact location of rocket hits plus, which is used to control
The district can see the spatial control in more accurately.

Translated from Hebrew