Home front command exercise dealing with mass casualty at Hadassah hospital.

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Screaming, bleeding and many soldiers in Orange: home front command exercise casualty at Hadassah hospital in the conventional layout. Senior Officer expired:
“Hospitals in the country are nearly 100% of the different positions.”

תאריך: 11/09/2012, 14:08    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Every few months, opens one of the hospitals in the doors to dozens of soldiers and Airmen from the home front command. Last weekend it was the turn of Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem to enter the number of hours emergency ל”מצב, and faithful in a mass casualty scenario, script review also under פקע”ר, Commander Gen. Eyal eizenberg and Chief of medicine, Dr. avi command Colonel abergil.

Officers, social workers, nurses, doctors, and volunteers of social service find themselves running in urgency among emergency room to another, bandaged and soldier’s bed with a doll that simulates. Every few minutes an ambulance loud
Shocking silence of Jerusalem and added more and more casualties. Amid all the chaos the civilian and military forces to remain calm, to provide medical assistance to the wounded and to return to normal in a very short time.

“All the hospitals in the country has three year system of training all describe,” explained to the IDF website, Colonel Dr. abergil.  “Today, for example, worked in conventional layout,
And every time we practice another scenario to some range. INR fluctuations can be determined system of preparation of hospitals in the country, “he said. In total, convert, exercising routine
Creates high preparedness of hospitals. “Hospitals in the country are nearly 100% of the different positions,” he said.

“The home front command responsible for the community and consequently the preparation of hospitals,” adds Colonel abergil, “trust command on the rule-making in Israel to disaster situations — whether in hospitals or health
The’ve. “

Translated from Hebrew