Home front command exercise Haifa hospitals

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

During the exercise, the upper floors were evacuated of Bnei Zion hospital and emergency room was opened. The exercises were held in partnership with the local authority command and emergency organizations

תאריך: 02/04/2013, 09:25    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Home front command exercise this month military units operating in an emergency hospital in Haifa as part of preparations for the event scenario. During the drill turns Bnei Zion hospital in town and the center of testing and treatment (b). Both exercises were held in parallel and included cooperation between
The search of the home front command to the local authority, health care and emergency organizations.

During the exercise, evacuated the upper floors of Bnei Zion hospital and emergency room addition. For prior preparation of the medical staff at the hospital, including training in the field of chemical weapons and harmed. Also need open ar created collaboration between the HFC, municipal and Health Bureau. “The answer is c
Military personnel but also the local authority logistically and psychiatrists and social workers from the health, medical officer, major County IL Chait, “all exercise connected emergency organizations, which helps police blocking roads, the evacuation of casualties and firemen in water supply”.

Each of the exercises attended by 150 casualties, although real btrachish ar to receive more than 1,000 casualties. “Bob is part of the complementary cycle to treat victims of chemical warfare,” said major tailor, “in case of a chemical event expected number
Numerous casualties because of the amount and distribution of the material, and in terms of casualties. To avoid an overload of hospitals designated to reopening in treating the injured and victims of anxiety “.

The exercises are part of the routine practice of the home front command and the Ministry of health, which is responsible for preparing the hospitals in Israel for weaponry in unconventional scenarios. All hospitals in the country are practicing the chemical master every three years. “The exercise was very successful,” concluded major tailor, we intend to implement the lessons take place during exercise
The next year. The bride is the hospital’s strength and the strength of the factors
Haifa municipality handlers this type of event.

Translated from Hebrew