Home front command exercise MEDEVAC along with American National Guard

The exercise is designed to strengthen cooperation for disaster victims rescue scenario casualty after earthquake that the Israel

תאריך: 16/05/2012, 12:24    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

On top of the cement or metal wire maokamim they work efficiently Israeli soldiers and Americans. The site of College of engineering in Jerusalem the combination looked so natural, until only the helmet color was changed labels each character to her army.

Special exercise which took place yesterday (Tuesday), dealt with the national rescue unit soldiers of
Home front command and u.s. Army soldiers training to rescue victims of a disaster. The exercise examined the treatment options for victims and even using heavy equipment during disaster. To make the tragedy to reality as possible were first trapped.
Life safety tunnels built into the site, making the joint complex extraction
Even more fascinating.

“Cooperation between us and the Americans already exists for several years, told IDF site Commander, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Shalom Ben-Aryeh. “It was born out of our desire to see the common humanitarian activity. Our cooperation was strengthened before three years following reciprocal visits. Next year come to visit us to
To see them in their natural environment “.

“This is basically a mutual learning,” said Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Ben-Arie, indicating that “Americans can learn about high-altitude rescue, rescue with surfing and climbing and they see our work with heavy mechanical equipment and techniques, such as ‘ the Peel ‘. On the fertile cooperation between major powers also indicates (Ret.)
AVI Solomon, XO of the unit, watching the Green-flecked and soldiers work shoulder to shoulder. “The professional and personal success as well,” he explains, “while
People here short connections especially relationships and motivated soldiers and desire to succeed in the tasks imposed on them. Americans find good faith at every opportunity, and created an atmosphere very pleasant and friendly.

“The exercise came to watch two generals”, and several major (Ret.) Solomon. “They impressed themselves, crawled a little tunnels that we created and viewed in an encounter. The parties agreed that this fruitful cooperation, even exciting, from Israel to the u.s. it is important to maintain the link between hot countries and national speaking too personally “.

The selected scenario envisions a situation where an earthquake engulfed Israel and three-storey building of the college course and buried under a few dozen trapped alive. When dmimim the ruins you can hear readings of dull people suddenly terrified, voices of phones and dull on hard metals. This practice is possible thanks to the integration of face tremendous stage life and strength to learn to listen to the signals and interpret the survivors. “Suddenly, you could hear screams, shmdmimim clicks, the XO, Maj. (Res.) AVI Solomon,” we can track phones. All this brings us to a very realistic environment. “

After finding the injured medical powers of the extraction unit come in.
“We take care of the wounded as they were still inside the wreckage,” says Maj. (Ret.) Professor Dan you repose, the unit’s medical officer. “We choose the severity of the injury and treatment together with the Americans, we see the ways of providing treatment
Army medical and military.

Translated from Hebrew