Home front command exercise value in Elad

תרגיל פיקוד העורף באלעד. צילום: דניאלה בוקור, דובר צה”ל

The exercise was first tested ה”חצב” means picking up environmental data and thus helps in mapping areas dangerous to stay in them while rocket חל”כ

תאריך: 29/03/2012, 20:23    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

The small and quiet town Elad, about 40,000 inhabitants, today (Thursday) shook. Flower open field on the edge of town was the beginning of an exercise
The Yarkon district of פקע”ר, and many were curious residents see אב”ך forces brigades
Police, rescue and fire brigade stormed the downfall of unconventional missile. Several children, Passover break, came to see the event and even though those fearing the soldiers: “Sir, do I need to wear a mask now?”

There is no doubt that the scene is built in detail: the term rocket in the middle of the field, red smoke color the sky soldiers impersonating CPR mannequins and spread even and controlled the fire have for firemen. Within the last year, and the forces would also examine qualifications of ה”חצב, Yael watershed served as a new tool
The HFC service, not to leave any wounded behind. At the end of the day, proved פקע”ר and civilian units the unified work falling chemical warfare material and demonstrated how to save lives in the most efficient manner.

The scenario was not practised for the HFC: an konbtionali missile launched into urban space and exploding in the air. “You can see that the distribution is high, so that work on the purge is separate in some locations. Explained to the IDF website, Deputy Commander of Central District, Lt. Col. Yaniv. “We must ensure the evacuation of the wounded from the area and begin to clear the area as necessary,” he said.

The exercise held today were several faces. “Exercise is used inter alia to improve the HFC skill”, said Commander of Central District, Colonel Yoram to survive, “the exercises help the specialised units of פקע”ר keep. Besides you can see
The excellent cooperation with the police and d, we are aware of the great importance. “

Senior who attended the exercise, noting that “only a small part of a sequence of exercises”, adding that the trend is growing among all training and coaching. “There was a lot of professional partnership scenario. Of course I didn’t invent the wheel as the most superior level students, which is precisely what we are trying to achieve, “he said.
At the end of evacuation of the wounded
The little clearing out the field and create a new, “ore”, entered immediately into action. The environmental and technological data sink are wind, air and temperature stability – and thus helps to map areas dangerous to stay in them while rocket חל”כ the data received
Running themes for the home front command headquarters and relevant factors. Currently, the intention is to get at least one “ore” system for all battalion, which will be available in emergencies.

“This exercise is a ה’חצב experiment platform, specify the קמ”ד קא”ב oak zilburg, and meteorology. “This is one of the first experiments we run it and we hope that it becomes an integral part of the command’s combat doctrine.
We hope that the results we achieved today will be taken into account for the charge, “he explained.

Translated from Hebrew