Home front command rescue units set 2 Australia

דובר צה”ל

2 rescue units, composed of Israeli Arab volunteers recently added to the HFC. They made history, when for the first time the units belonging
The Arab sector participated in professional course is a training base. Deputy Chief: “if required, we can also work in Jewish towns.”

תאריך: 09/02/2010, 23:01    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Home front command set nowadays 2 new rescue units belong to the province. These units will join dozens of rescue units of the HFC
Available in various regions across the country. However, unlike the rescue units that already exist, the two new units of Arab citizens of Israel, elements who choose to volunteer for the army to be part of the rescue units in the HFC.

Each picture 25 rescue volunteers, when 70% of them are men and the rest women. Last week, the latest rescue units course is a training base of the HFC, bahad 16, which practiced various activities during emergencies. Among others practiced rescuing injured people from the rubble, Quake, and the fall of rockets.

“I think we made unprecedented in terms of the Arab sector,” says Captain (Ret.) Sami Halabi
Deputy Commander of the unit to link the sector authorities in the province. The unit, which is responsible for the link of the home front command to seven Arab authorities in central province, finally rescue units were raised-tippler. Indeed, major dairy not hiding his satisfaction: we can boast that we have such units with such knowledge and experience. As if need, they function as all rescue units “command.

It should be noted that currently operate several rescue units in the Western Front command, particularly in the North, but so far no not only moved the content in a timely manner. Therefore, major dairy doubt the quality of the content delivered by the HFC
New units: these units in the training sector, and doing it successfully. And it’s not obvious that bringing volunteers from the Arab military base class, it was hard, “says Captain Halabi, but hard training were not in vain.
“These are the first units in a practiced and practiced in an orderly manner,” he noted.

Despite the major sectors Dairy Association did not rule out assistance to Jewish towns in time: “If God forbid will be large, we requested happened to operate anywhere in Israel territory, even in Jewish towns,” he clarifies.

Translated from Hebrew