Home front exercise: about half of the population received a warning message from an earthquake.

צילום: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

Three million citizens have received SMS messages that warn against earthquakes
Land within the national exercise “point 6”. The warning system will become operational in mid-2014

תאריך: 21/10/2012, 18:05    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

During the exercise, “point 6”, received 2 million text messages to warn of Quake drill to cell mchshirm, as part of a “personal message”. Someone who is likely to get the message they partner Cellcom, cellular carriers and cell phones. “Otmoviill network” still does not support alert system, as “kosher” devices. Today, in the country there are approximately 300,000 devices for absorbing the message-and a total of 45 percent of the population receive the mobile alert in four different languages.

Alarm system relies on sensors to detect earthquakes which are installed in the Syrian-African Rift, and provide a few seconds warning before a quake. The program includes seismic fence along the Syrian-African Rift and the processing computer system detecting and warning decisions. The plan received government approval in may 2012, which approved a total budget of about 25 million.

“Get to work on alert in January 2013, and is expected to become operational in mid-2014. Said IDF website רמ”ח & warning, Lieutenant Colonel Gil Hoffman. “The system will work in educational institutions. Alarm time varies with the distance from Epicenter, and the time range is expected to grow. In order to receive the message, you must open the device “Cell Broadcast system, supported by most mobile devices.
The system is technically operational, but we still can’t activate it in “.

In the current exercise produced lessons from the previous experiment of “personal” message during exception case where a Netanya received 160 warning messages to the mobile device.
“Citizen was probably in an area with a weak signal or was in motion, and therefore received a large number of messages in different languages,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Hoffman, “to date, we have every citizen will receive only one message.

In addition, the exercise held today activated the alarm system f. – hacking system. During the exercise, the HFC took on 23 channels, 33, 10, 2, 1, radio Kol Israel and IDF waves, and 18 radio stations. These stations channels were dropped in favor of radio transmissions recorded training minute length which contained a message about the earthquake and the guidelines on which to operate.

In case of emergency will alert residents using television and radio channels, and with 3,000 sirens located in 27 warning areas. “In the future, the alert will be using
Focusing system to alert threatened areas using sirens, mobile phone messages, billboards, and television broadcasts focused according to IP address Converter “, said Lieutenant Colonel Hoffman,” some of these systems are expected to become operational by mid-2014.

Translated from Hebrew