How are central command to escalation scenarios?

קציני הפיקוד בסדנה בנושא הפרות סדר, שבוע שעבר. צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

Tear-gas, and Ringo – central command effort for years using less lethal weapon against the violent disturbances of doomed efforts to maintain security in the Judea region heating up.

תאריך: 06/03/2013, 11:00    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

In light of recent changes in Judea and Samaria and the increase in the quantity of events disturbances, central command in recent months preparing to bar such situation change in stability, security. As part of preparations, was held last week to training command, controls
From the roles of deputies to battalion commanders, company commanders and brigade commanders, including professional lectures about extreme scenarios, and practice of public disturbances, clarifying the rules of engagement, dealing with possible escalation events and operational documentation.

In preparation the professionalism extensive emphasis on the issue of dealing with riots, ranging from specific events and incidents erupt with weapons in order to make the event the best. Senior officer
The Judea and Samaria Division emphasized the actions required of commanders to prevent escalation, which included among other things a system friction points in a database and journal, intelligence in control, freedom of action for our troops, operational control in the responsibility, accountability and security coordination restricts the movement of terrorism while preserving the fabric of life. “Protect the slender outright Division and contain the insurgency based on guidelines that are required,” he said.

How are central command to escalation scenarios?

These courses of action of the senior officer, included persistent state systems, right?
Of the situation and focusing actions in steadfastness, in light of the objective, mission command, quick learning with restraint and restraint of power alongside an operational definition that, according to the senior official, to “do whatever is required of us to be prepared for any occasion.
In addition, another senior officer in Judea and Samaria Division expanded in his lecture on the proper use steps
To disperse demonstrators used the Warriors soundtrack events, stressing that the captains to train their soldiers carefully using them means focusing on the purpose of use, noting that the measures used today include troops tear-gas, stun grenades, Ringo,
Bonfire, a rifle grenade against demonstrators, Ruger, and Remington.

Meanwhile, senior central command explained that the IDF forces required in each disturbance event include physical injury prevention security forces or bystanders,
Reducing harm and preventing mpreai feat amatkomm tactical underground. Shelby distribution
Breach of the order by the award makes the first steps of prevention by early detection, intelligence and effort creating tactical deterrence or commandments, isolation from other protesters arrive and the isolation, physical movement and braking event until its laureate.

Another significant topic which discussed participating in the study is the subject of operational documentation.
As noted, in light of the IDF forces in Judea and Samaria with communication, there is great importance to operational documents, in which operational documentation and course is used, among other things, the company or battalion, and transfers. In addition, as part of the ahashtalmot presented
In detail the insights of central command operational events related to the open-fire regulations, and highlighted that the commanders to perform mental preparation for their overall implementation
Anti-crime policy in an iPhone, and the bride, making the mission briefings, providing
Assessments and arena points satisfy relevant equipment like mission measures, and ammunition.

Translated from Hebrew