How arms and seaports held to the next war?

מטוס “סופה” נוסק במבצע “צוק איתן”. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The Commander of air defense school and head of a Navy weapons set today: arms caught anywhere even more significant in the following martial arts || “It is important that citizens will understand that there is no such thing as air defense completely hermetically

תאריך: 11/03/2015, 08:02    
מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל

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“It is important that citizens will understand that there is no such thing as air defense completely hermetic,” stated Commander air defence school, Colonel ran a star at Tech.
Annual meeting held last night (Tuesday). Insert, high-tech companies in Israel and abroad,
In a sign of the development of military capabilities, aerospace and missile defense. Among other things, discussed plans of action in the air and in future campaign
And in the modern battlefield, the challenges facing the troops in the field and technology
To allow for the economic activities of the Israel economy even in a State of war or operation.

However, the systems do not provide the hermetic protection but are critical to the continued economic activity
In the country. According to Colonel star, if not run defense and start the economic house in Israel, the country loses a billion dollars every day. “Our enemies in the North do not resemble in any way to those with whom we deal in cliff with them, we’re preparing for something much more complex,” Colonel continued.

“We are prepared for the possibility that future war the enemy tries to paralyze both the infrastructure and airports, and tries to hurt international trade,” he added, according to Chief of naval warfare, Colonel Moti Payne. “It is important to remember that almost all goods
You are forwarded to Israel arrive by sea. Along the coast are sitting nearly 70 percent of the country’s population, all refineries, three quarters of our oil storage capacity and 90 percent of our electricity production. The Navy is responsible for protecting all that in an emergency situation.

“There is no doubt that the Navy is going to take a significant place even more in the next fight,” he added. “This year we have doubled the number of our submarines, and developed and acquired more coming to the fore in the us vessels”.

Deterrence, warning resolution

According to the Commander of air defense school, his air force currently consists of three elements: prevention, early warning and decision. Each, discussing with
Several are relevant to future war. “Winning and losing, for example, are outdated and subjective terms not relevant to current systems,” Colonel.

Most of the emphasis in the water on the second factor — the earliest such factor, with
Reception and production of intelligence. The third factor, and most problematic, he makes the decision – the need to bring the fight to the enemy and finish there. “When you fight against organizations or regular army, the geographical area has far more impact. The war against a country without borders, too problematic to use foot attack power, so we have learned in recent years to develop measures not necessarily rely on him, “said.

Recently also entered a number of new combat characteristics. “In the last campaign saw the enemy tries to weaken the Israeli home front,” he said. “However, mainly due to our technological capabilities, warriors no longer have to attack from inside the enemy. Our same lethal, and it’s the biggest achievement, “concluded.

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