How leaving a helicopter when it goes wrong?

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What to do when a shnfelts fighter jet? How coming out of a caution from a helicopter
That reversed? Air force pilots learned all these as part of the abandonment, getaway and workshop extraction (נמו”ח), new systems and new artists

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Once every five years, featuring air force pilots from flight routines in abandonment, escape and rescue (נמו”ח) of the evacuation and rescue unit 669 (669), and places the teams faced one of the most stressful moments: a getaway helicopter.
When air crew needs rescuing, was sent to staff the unit with an OWL or helicopter Yasur.

During the training of the pilots-Nemo Saar, who are usually rather on the extracts, they learned how to feel and what operations extracted side that they should do as soon as the situation is getting out of control. “Don’t leave us thinking a lot about this situation so it’s interesting to see things from the other side once in a while,” said Maj. v., Deputy Commander
The night leaders Squadron “Not only is it important to know this, it also makes me think about how I can help the side extracted during the mission, he added.

When the helicopter pilots sea mishap didn’t abandon him, but land along with carefully in water and the crew know how to escape from the sunken helicopter. Usually, the helicopter to roll over and are waiting to provide axles and then get out of it. “New coach practice pilot flips in the water and his exit from the cell through a door, escape in the air,” Shabtai karako braces casting section. “Before we know sea flights”, said
Major n. “Pass and fail status briefing are provided with air tank that makes us think of a situation that we have to use it,” he added.

How leaving a helicopter when it goes wrong?

Pilot testing measures used in abandonment. Photo: air force

Training of the battle they taste sensations when used in a refuge, for the first time in a decade: using bread Tower began in the 1970s, but was stopped in 2003 due to technical failures. Since fixed the glitches in bread and coach is now back to using: practice sitting what simulates and ejection seat after performing all the actions that are required when abandonment they pull in the ejection of a Chair to climb the tower. “While appealing exhaust trainer pilot only
4 g acceleration, much smaller than the power he felt leaving pilot, “said karako. “But why have you feel closer in אמת״ mode.

What do after their escape from the aircraft? If the teams leave the area with a hostile population, they should know them. To this end, each value used for the first time in coach. “The screen reflecting targets and client to hurt them,” explained Lt. a, escape officer of unit 669. “This training is important, because after abandonment there is likelihood that survivors will need them for themselves,” concluded.

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