How the Division was able to cut the budget and add training

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91st Division trained the officers meet operational so that only last year saved millions of dollars: “constantly” efficiency ideas

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מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Throughout the IDF continued at full efficiency trends March:
91st Division, responsible for Lebanon region, sets an example is particularly striking for budgetary reform, with significant cuts without affecting the operational training of warriors. After a year in which cut all training IDF combat divisions, the Division returns the mkocecim training and added an unscheduled exercise Regiment. So what’s the secret?

The 91st Division commanders were able to provide management tools and resource utilization, and cost savings in their units. In recent years she was the only Division which has failed to display significant savings at the end of the year, five percent in 2011 has
Of resources, which are millions of shekels.

How the Division was able to cut the budget and add training

In 2012 the operational training units were cut even the IDF, but whose conduct sensible economic of Division, not only was the ability to bring them about, but training the training panel even reinforced the drill pay
Addition to regimental level.

“Ultimately the money we save back to us, and we use them according to the order of priority of the Joint Chiefs, he began training and readiness of forces,” said an IDF officer site budgets of 91st Division, Capt.
Tal Barel.

“Happy to conserve ammunition and instead going to reserve days.”

During the training the commanders made clear that are responsible for distributing the limited resources, and to determine priorities. “We show which resources have their commanders while we give them tools to succeed in the tasks imposed on them,” explained Captain Barel, “so can report to get the keys to your budget and decide that a specific bthamosht is not use, instead going for instance reserve days for training. He has to decide that. “

In addition, the Division learned a variety economically efficiency which forms are made possible thanks to the recognition
The area’s needs. “We are constantly looking for ideas for efficiency. I budget officer Division wanted to learn the better division and what happens in it in order to know how to become more efficient, “explains Lieutenant Barel.

How the Division was able to cut the budget and add training

Lebanon border, about responsible Division. Photo archive

An example of the introduction leads to efficiency can be seen near Mount Dov. On the mountain, the tanks were forced to go for years on grubs in shaky condition of the axis, which took a lot of money. Each km of tank is expensive, which prefer to save forces for operational training. The Division decided to renovate the axis so that they can upload it from tank transporters, and travel.
Finally, although the costs for reconditioned, save a lot of money when the West Division for operational purposes.

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