How to extract injured under the tank?

צילומים: יסמין דר, אט”ל

Medical Corps troops and armament attended the course “soft steel” engaged in rescuing trapped the armored vehicles damaged trunk or anti-tank

תאריך: 03/04/2012, 15:06    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

How become vicious injured on the battlefield? How to extract injured, trapped under car end? What can move an armored bulldozer (Actual), who died suddenly and now unable to move? These challenges this week hit medical professionals and armament as part of in-service training in Givati Tin in the southern command.

“Soft steel” engaged in rescuing trapped the armored car, which was hit by a cargo or vehicle. During the course of the year have been placed in the advanced area, stations when each one is displayed otherwise it will have to manage: extract of wounded under cruel and rolling around storm vehicle; Treating damaged an armored bulldozer and evacuation to rehabilitation; The evacuation affected is far from fierce fire fight.

This year enrolled the largest number of participants in the exercise, including arming officers and directors
Work than live divisions, armored divisions, combat engineering battalions, the battalion’s combat intelligence collection and Division command 162. In addition, EMTs and paramedics practice instead of Division, who helped in the rescue, which seemed dead and wounded. The scanning unit (יס”ר)
The IDF took care of ב’חללים.

The educator attendees ‘ regiment ‘ factor and rescue unit of the HFC.
The most likely possible dangers in time participants of the action, and the creative use of fish resources, such as lumber and airbags in order to rescue the soldier. “Ordnance Corps can’t deal with turning tool, but it gets complicated when trapped are involved in the process,” explained Lieutenant Colonel or commander Ameer. “The conclusion is that interoperability is vital as a matorgel study.

Instead new measures were first to extract רק”ם, which are exclusively used by the Division. The first is the cart was dripping, development of חט”ל and southern command. On the cart, which is equipped with a caterpillar like just loaded armored vehicle damaged during operations. Thanks to the cart it can be hundreds of meters away from shbledia, impossible. Second ה”מגלש means” or “Santa Claus”, חט”ל development, in conjunction with the GoC army headquarters: the measure is similar to a snow slide, which lay under an armored vehicle that the larvae of fork. So you can push the hundred yards to the position.

“We anticipate that this scenario happens, indicate feels South, Col. Shahar Gilad.
“Who should run the event, are people who encountered it during their service. We want to be where they touch, and come taste what they may experience in the sector.
Instead of expensive רמ”ט South, Brig. Gen. Roy elkabetz, shsho his first study. He
Impressed with the capabilities that were introduced and spoke to the officers arm. “We are people of action, those who must act and perform. The big challenge is preserving the knowledge gained here. “

Translated from Hebrew