How to prevent civilian casualties in IDF operation “pillar”

A number of Israeli officials checking in real time are there any bystanders in an attack target-legal advisors to commanders responsible for maneuvering in space. So it worked ב”עמוד”

תאריך: 27/11/2012, 15:41    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

During operation, the IDF acted “page vigorously in order to destroy the Hamas rockets fired toward Israel, citizens of air strikes at depots of weaponry and launching and pits for disposal purposes. Although accurate and incisive pgiotio air force targets, Hamas chose to locate in the heart of the launch centers populated areas, and thus there is often accompanying them injury. How still went in fight for the maximum reduction in harm to civilians. The Commander’s “Center designed the steel, the Division’s legal advisor and Director of DCL Division, clarifying:” IDF takes precautions and do everything possible to prevent or at least minimize civilian casualties and avoid attack if any probable injury to civilians in circumstances in which international law allows you to do “.

Air force prevents attacks in the Gaza Strip suspected of harming bystanders

The first circle-surgical and precise fire

Many Israeli bodies responsible for reducing injury to bystanders. The body responsible for the maneuvering of pad forces attack is fiery Center to design and utilize best of assistance, in the context of warfare
The various forces. The Center is responsible for allocating aid officials figures and manipulating forces and aid officials in coordination with various forces in the sector, while meeting the objectives of the program. Another significant part of the fire Center “is control over planning the attack, and to ensure in the planning stages in any attack is likely to hit bystanders, the air, land and sea during the attack.

“Any premeditated assault, before the fire Center way. As a centralized information, Greece can be controlled much better and thus harm bystanders is minimal, “the IDF website, Center Commander Colonel Mahdi Zilberman. The Center Director, and attacks when a large damage potential we put the attack to the command and general staff, described. As part of preparations to attack, set at the Centre with the Division Commander set instructions for opening fire, including what to do’s and Don’ts when bystanders event. Therefore, select the IDF to surgical attacks and targeted in order to minimize the damage. “We are getting all the information about non-sensitive locations and command and control systems and digital systems, which allow us if necessary to open your system and to identify citizens and thus decide whether to carry out an attack or not”, said Colonel Silberman and added that “I see on the other side the event knows well what the IDF is careful and he chooses to launch its own rockets. And that’s the difference between a country that values-driven collection vs terrorist. “

The second legal advice under fire.

The second body which deals in reduce civilian casualties, and works closely with the fire Center, is the Attorney General of the Division. His role is to accompany the Division operational scenarios and giving legal advice to commanders. “We sit together with the fire Center, and give advice on aspects of international law relating to actions”, said יועמ”ש” steel “decorated Captain providing solomsh. All-purpose design page has that is divided into parts, one of which is legal, and preparations for the commanders to take into account all the instructions given on the plan, including aspects of international law.

“Ongoing fighting has Sir run discretion to an immediate decision.
Here enter tutorials and lectures given to the Central commanders command courses regarding
To their national law, in order that the Chief could actually make a decision and to take into account all aspects relevant to many aspects of international law, “said Captain solomsh. For this purpose, as well as commanders with etiquette book for company roles, aims to implement the orders and laws.
Acting in accordance with international law, and the limits it imposes. For example, before attacking a target to examine whether the attack is consistent with the provisions of the laws of war.
In addition, the Attorney General encourages commanders to consider the recommendations can be implemented so that environmental damage would be minimal.

The IDF also gives clear warnings and clearly against attacks as circumstances allow,
And according to international law. He does this, among others, with leaflets and messages to citizens, they are recommending to evacuate the area. Captain solomsh said that the limitations are those commanders are more stringent than the International Court of
Valence and moral reasons. “The injury is a very high level of awareness,” said the Attorney General, “the IDF operates in surgical and targeted way and it works. There will always be casualties in the fighting, but if you insist on legal principles have less impact.

Third Circuit first humanitarian needs

Another body that completes the IDF adopted work in reducing the civilian casualties issue is representative of the dead (Director of DCL). He’s linking coordination unit of government activities in the occupied territories and Israel and the Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority. Division sits the Commander died participating in program permits the Division Commander level, humanitarian needs, and humanitarian axes that are off-limits. ב”משואה” ogdatit, command and control system of ground forces, an element appears mixed with its own icon, so you can easily locate it on the map. ” We receive regular reports and updates from the main dead, Palestinian liaison officials, reports and snapshots of international organizations “, said the Chief is dead, Maj. haplada ב”עוצבת Hassan Faraj. “If I see figure action ITM and cropped mode which I switch to IgG and all cells. We are working
According to the Bank of ogdati is updated at every stage, and together with the legal specifications are there problematic point in the strike zone, and sensitive detection, or citizens: regions ‘ attacks engines. The representative’s specialty is dead is to clarify whether or not the target feel and is in heat and provide a professional opinion, thus affecting the decision whether to carry out an attack or out of fear of civilian casualties.

Translated from Hebrew