Hundreds of students come from key positions in the IDF

כנס תוכנית “עתידים”. צילום: “עתידים”

As part of future program “works to reduce gaps in Israel with helping youngsters from excellent, to acquire higher education and integration in IDF reserve

תאריך: 08/05/2012, 20:53    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Today (Tuesday) “blessing ceremony” Futures “program” 5772, the ceremony was held in the presence of Chairman of Kadima, General (Ret.) Shaul Mofaz, Chief of general staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, head of intelligence, Gen. Aviv kochavi and Chairman of ACFA “Atidim”, Mr. Eitan Wertheimer.
During the ceremony the lifestyles program hundreds of new students of all universities and colleges in the country.
“Futures” was established in 2000, based on Social Zionist vision designed to mitigate the gaps
In Israeli society. The program helps students from youth education
High at a young age, combine them in key positions in the IDF reserve and unique career paths after military service.
The Gantz said at the ceremony that “the program will, like its name, dream, deals in the future. The dream of hundreds of fresh students are with us today, the dream of higher education, to challenge in key positions in the army, to personal development and contribution to the IDF’s strength and to society. “

“The future of the State of Israel together, which eliminated the gaps between” ל”פריפריה” and Center, as “will”, and deployed in the periphery, both North and South, and I have no doubt that the Israel Defense Forces and future project “expand and attract and develop more capabilities.

Translated from Hebrew