Hundreds opened the school year academic reserve in a way described in IDF

הצילום באדיבות ויקימדיה

80% of hatodas will learn engineering sciences, one out of five academic reserve. 16% of the students come to Ben Gurion University. Reserve October 2013 – all data

תאריך: 15/10/2013, 14:43    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל


In addition to opening the semester academic education institutions across the country, to
Universities also swarm hundreds of boys and girls within the academic program of the IDF. 80% of the potachi are in the field of science and engineering, and 7 percent of them teach medicine. “Those three professions are the professions core academic in the Israel Defense Forces, told IDF reserve in רמ”ד site even (technological and research administration), major Hanna zirlin.

A list of the ten leading cities are quite a reception to reserve from cities, and reputable representation also gates. The top four cities are Rishon Lezion, Petah Tikva, Ashdod and Haifa – שמכל one of them reached 5% of the academic reserve. Them are the cities Tel Aviv, Holon, Netanya, Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut, streets and Beer Sheva. Each of these cities reached 3% of the academic reserve.

Hundreds opened the school year academic reserve in a way described in IDF

In even indicate a slight rise to science and engineering subjects in comparison to last year. Main trends in reserve, according to these figures, trends (software engineering, computer engineering and computer science) – 15 mcbzzot of the academic reserve, and electrical and electronic engineering with 23%.

In addition, 21% of the academic reserve are women, and a 15% in engineering and the sciences. Notable trends in chemical engineering are among women (48%),
Materials (38%) And industrial engineering (34% (. “Had lower numbers, and we still want to see more women in reserve,” stated major zirlin referring to data. Currently there is a project to encourage women to a reception in academic prep.
“Progress” at the Technion opened 10 women for women who wish to study the core subjects. “The girls study ten months, receive a grant and reserve study accompanied by a consultant of the Technion,” explained רמ”ד in reserve.

The academic reserve reach campuses across the country – from North to South: approximately 30% will develop the Technion, 20% will in Tel Aviv University, 16% idrimo to Ben Gurion University of the Negev and 15% rise to the Hebrew University as bbira.

Meanwhile, voters also sustained increase even in quality of received the IDF academic reserve this year, an increase of 4% for 700 or higher score on your SAT, today a quarter of the academic reserve. Over 50% of the academic potachi obtained a score of 650 or higher. “The increase can be attributed mainly to competition.
There is the entrance to the reserve, and only those with high scores are accepted – in direct proportion to the amount of relatively small positions, “said Maj. zirlin.

Throughout the year PEP conferences are held in reserve for high school students in grades k-12, and even invite schools also notable and sat companies based in the field
– They have learned already to offer its courses to differentiation to the reserve. “They’re targeting segment population with high quality, build their own track, and.
Several allow you to use their infrastructure in the summer “, the רמ”ד reserve.

Reserve section not refrain from providing tips for test-takers, and indicate that the optimum time
Approach s.a.t. exams to capture it at the 12th grade, first starting normally
In September or October. This is the best time for those mthmein, because you can learn at this time without conflicting with matriculation, “explained Maj. zirlin. Although overlap
Partial freedom, explained that “it is possible to reserve רמ”ד spend, enjoy and even work.
At the same time, and my experience as atodith. In addition, there are many opportunities for additional times to improve your score when needed. “

In summary, the Department wished to reserve all the academic semester format potachi in institutions of higher education. “On behalf of the net and the best – we wish students to study. We hope that they choose challenging professions and succeed in school for themselves and to make a significant contribution to the country’s security, “major talk zirlin.

Translated from Hebrew