Hunters of the missiles.

הצוות בקריית מלאכי. צילומים: יובל הקר, דובר צה”ל

Damage control team of the HFC cut the South in the hunt for the rockets and missiles, and rests for a moment, especially now. Joined the team in pursuit of the incessant grads. Special documentation

תאריך: 17/11/2012, 15:56    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

The southern wall of the apartment this week, killing three people in a rocket directly into the rooms and flares streaming huge gaping open. On the ground scattered thick layer of objects, fragments of lives conducted properly before shattered. “Spring” encyclopedias, videos, clothing, bed linen. Bible book lying on a pile of dust-covered sheets.

Hunters of the missiles.

South County Engineer, Sergeant Yaniv Attias, a senior academic officer Protection Department, Eini, forcing their way inside. They examine the vulnerability spray and cracks that spread on the walls. Atias and are part of the damage control staff of the home front command, which function is to reach a rocket fall scenes, to assess the damage and talk to local residents. The damage in Kiryat Malachi has been questioned, but it seems that Attias and couldn’t control his professional and disheartened. “It is not pleasant to enter that arena right after the event when the crowd and click on that”, says Matthias רס”ל while descending a staircase at the exit of the building, but then it most effective. The team that came right after the event has already made almost everything. “

רס”ל Attias arrived almost all events in the past three years, and he indicates himself that is already used to the sights and developed some kind of immunity to them. “It doesn’t work anymore.
Me, “he explains. “When I get to the event I try not to get emotional, break away from my feelings and remain distant.

Hunters of the missiles.

Now before everybody else.

It’s hard to stay at remote see the horror, but the azarot of the building in a residential neighborhood bustling helps. When the damage control team, consisting of major Attias, קא”ב and population behavior officer, Maj. Leo six, arriving to the neighborhood, they are gangs of children playing outdoors despite the alarms.
The team is on alert: in case of injury, they will be the first to place iozako. They decided to take advantage of their stay in the South in order to perform measurements for shielding three preschools before they started at work decided to move in.

Right next to the building that was hit by the municipal team worker and home front command on positioning and igonit the children stop and mshachkam approach to look at. The process monitor
The HFC projects officer, Lt.-Col. Res. chest. “We place here igunies that the old buildings, and some don’t even have shelter,” says Lt. Col. Raz, for some residents the rooms are wide and we want to provide them.
Protection on the street, too.

Meanwhile, children relied on the fence of the ramshackle house, confined to actions of the HFC. Lt. Col. Raz near them, and guide them in almost fatherly manner how to use building protection. “We brought the building protection for you,” he told them while pointing to the concrete structure that still stands. “When you play outdoors and alarm should run fast and go inside. This case you, if you’re at home so it is better to get to the stairwell. Not to play in the open you already know, “he said and glanced at his pager. Now run the shelter, “says Lt. Col. Raz to children,” going to be alarm.

The children look at him for a moment, wondering eyes, but Lt. Col. Raz stands for. They aren’t enough even to hang out at the shelter before a terrifying alarm the rest of the city, and everyone-children, adults, and developed a sprint toward the receiver.
The streets soon emptied.
Dark shelter. Only one lamp is working, and it has a white light and weak. Going where the smell of mildew and is full of old stuff. The kids huddled on benches, whispering among themselves. “How did he know that Siren?” wondered one.
“Obviously, he’s the HFC!” replies another.
RES Raz hiding a smile. Not every officer in the HFC is able to predict alarm, but Lt. Raz has capacity, which gives him a pager notification of iron dome battery.

After passing a few minutes turn the receiver, but the children did not return to the game. In the yard there is only 8-year-old avichay Reuven, acting on his own in about a wall of the building. “I don’t
Afraid, “he declares while swinging on a rope. “I lived in this neighborhood for three years, and I love living here and I don’t want to go. My friends went to Kfar Yona, but I
I stayed here. I’ve got friends closer, in fact, what I have to do in Kfar Yona? “

Hunters of the missiles.

“Coming into the shelter and hope for the best.”

After visiting the scene, turned to their staff. רס”ל Attias, the engineer to perform the measurements only two genes before the popup to fall. They drive 40 minutes to reach the scene and discover that, fortunately, the surface in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The surrounding buildings were broken Windows and walls covered in spray, but vulnerability impact itself only has a diameter
Feet. Again toss us for a hole in the ground, “complained Maj. six. “Why is no one checks these reports before they call us?”

But although the damage is relatively small, the team remains at the scene in order to measure the size of the hole, to examine the vulnerability spray and broken Windows and interview the residents.
“There was a big boom,” says 15-year-old Oleg lvan Muraviev, the walls were shaking. I ran to the shelter how I heard the alarm. I’m afraid, but there’s nothing we can do. Entering the sanctuary and hope for the best. “

Time passed since the injury, and people began to look of the houses and fill the yard, look at the damage. Privatize State coming down one with a tub full of glass fragments and empties
Them in the garbage. In the meantime, comes to the area of the municipality, social workers see
If there are residents who need assistance. “People are very anxious,” explains tzvia Hillel, a social worker. “We see a lot of kids who have difficulty, mphadot mothers. Once kids is a lot scarier. Encountered in families not ready to leave the House, not even to go to another city and get some rest, fearing that something happens to them.
Hillel barely managed to finish the sentence, and another alarm sounded. They all run into the houses. One of the tenants opens the door on the first floor and invites anyone who needs to enter the protected area whose apartment. Two daughters, a son and his wife are already there, sitting on three beds connected together for the whole family can sleep in mm on the faces of the family members is evident they’re trained well-frequent alarms and incessant running to them than a iiashot mm, they scare them.
“Phew,” reads one of the girls as she flops to sitting on the bed, stop it, “I can’t.”

After the explosion sounds start present to argue whether it was the injury or interception. Six major directs everyone to remain in the protected area for 10 minutes, in accordance with the provisions of the home front command.

Hunters of the missiles.

And again South.

After waiting minutes mm opened up, and everyone got into cars.
And drove off-unwind in Dimona who back to front command in Ramla. But before the team enough for half the distance, eyes קא”ב notified of Be’er tuvia Regional Council fall and turn the vehicle back. At the entrance to stand off and mobile police. This time this is not a false alarm, but damage to the yard House, meters from the walls of the building. When the crew entering the ring was exposed to them.
Hole in the asphalt, the starting rocket. Metal structure that stood in the yard and destroyed the ground scattered with fallen roof tiles after you flip the House roof t-shirt. The rubble the only bad this little bird that loves
The asphalt. After the Fire Department managed to pull from the rocket’s interior רס”ל eyes קא”ב Attias to inspect the damage. “The rocket exploded five yards from the protected space,” he explains.
“Slight damage to the building, but the roof was removed. As a result of the lighting fixtures in the shock of the House fell and damage to Windows and furniture.

While רס”ל Attias scan examination inside and outside the building, the six major works call the occupants: Sherry Gill and son Nimrod, who survived that day from serious injury after being entered in time for the protected area. “Nimrod usually don’t bother to log mm, because he says it’s a million-to-one shot,” says major six smiling, “but his mother called him and he came, partly because the event in Kiryat Malachi and because he had a feeling that something happens. The missile struck just outside his room.
Nimrod’s age turned out, and with some gut feelings and a lot of luck, it seems that avoided attacks that could be fatal. Damage control team completes its work at the scene and went back to the car, leaving the fire and forces the police to manage the event. 
קא”ב eyes of treading on the gas and goes on his way back to the home front command, hoping that no one will have to call them again.


Translated from Hebrew