Hurricane Sandy: the IDF confirmed abnormal for soldiers who were vacationing in the u.s.

The system takes a special command stating that soldiers who went on vacation in the u.s., return is possible only after the end of their planned date can have unusual holiday “in light of the constraints

תאריך: 01/11/2012, 16:24    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Not only in New Jersey and in New York: the IDF completed the special Hurricane packs “Sandy” ravenous. The army issued a special update due
The storm to help the soldiers who were in the United States and found themselves grounded because of the disaster on the East Coast.

According to the soldiers who return will be possible only after the end of their planned date, do not have to sign additional days off and can submit individual service center
Request for a special holiday. However, in the end its postponement.
Services (דח”ש), to extend the service to return.

Heather known parties about dozens of cases in different units than “stuck” in the United States. Requests for assistance must be subject to individual service center + faculty reference
Heather and Adjutant, photo, card, as well as “all other certificate supports.

Hurricane sandy, which struck earlier this week on the East coast of the United States, paralyzed
Approximately 14, 000 flights from around the world to New York, and had so far killed more than 120 people. According to initial damage assessments, is thought to be one of the most destructive hurricane ever.

Translated from Hebrew