I almost didn’t feel how it’s been in the army.

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Seventeen senior IDF’s past met with five of its current career base. After a day of hard questions, discussion and cautiously, can be summed up: “who wants a future, should be planted in the ground of strong
History “

תאריך: 05/01/2011, 16:27    
מחבר: תמרה שביט

Outstanding Club of res. visited today (Wednesday) in these seventeen had a champion and led the cell tashach war not only survived to tell the tale — even won gather new sixty-three years later. To the campus in buttoned shirts. But the more progress today, becoming increasingly clear how small the difference between wearing the uniform.

To the naked eye, it was a reunion. In moments of Assembly could hear, “here, and there’s some reporting svika”. But in the room sat the IDF’s minds may choose. The tough questions asked and answered. There were a lot of wisdom and enlightenment; Many serious discourse, integrated many atnachtot. “Those who do not hear, woke a few people-podium at the lectures. “Yes,” stuff, others with a smile. “No, no, they just can’t hear.”

Most of what is said during the day is not allowed to expand. Navy commander, head of the Planning Department (אג”ת), power wing רמ”ט (אכ”א) and the IDF share with military reality Forum as it looks today. Deputy Chief no remedies. Cost of disturbing thoughts, and cautiously optimistic side. About strategy. About the existential challenges, and burning issues. About our enemies and our friends. Finally, about the power structure of the IDF: he came from and where he’s going.

אג”ת head, Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, was a special personal touch. His father, Ezekiel Eshel, attentive audience. But those hired him. “When I moved namespace list said. we want little to you?”, cethak. Along with reviewing the activities Department, developed a serious discourse on the passage. “A lot has changed,” he said. “Reality.
Going and becomes complex. But for better or worse, there’s also consistantity. With a future object, should be rooted in strong ground of history “.

This isn’t the first time the Forum is gathering. Initiated by the IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. avi benayahu, here’s kind of a club. Two months ago, visited the group in hatzor air force base. “We really consider the fact that continuity,” said Maj. Gen. (Ret.) shaike Crystal, which of the many obaio was Chief of operations and Commander of the southern command.
“It is apparent that this is not a random thing. “Plan.

“It is important that we present the questions in our hearts mncrot based on what I knew once, and what we see now,” he added. “We came to learn what has changed, and we get a lot of information here. But we’re not here to advise. We just came to see how the integrated army more complex problems than today. Time was simpler. Today everything is possible.

Translated from Hebrew