“I am taking with me countless moments, painful and exciting.”

צילום: דובר צה”ל

After nearly 30 years in the IDF and 20 years in the formation Director and officers of Colonel Moore, nice job, || Personal column and moving it to the composed and meetings with bereaved families.

תאריך: 10/05/2016, 12:00    
מחבר: אל”ם יפה מור

Another year passed and remembrance day again. Day with Israel all converge and with our memory of boys and girls who served the State of Israel, and gave their lives for. For me, as for all citizens of the State, this is a special day and always difficult.

This year is my last day in uniform.

In the coming months to finish as head of Israeli casualties and retire from military service.                                                                                                                                           I finished the period of nearly 30 years, of which about 20 in. The service consists of countless moments of meetings with bereaved families, pain and human encounters, of coping with loss and believing in the righteousness of way.

I got to know men and women strong and stature with the contestants, pain and longing ungraspable. What I learned from real power is.

“I am taking with me countless moments, painful and exciting.”

I remember as if it were just yesterday, hundreds get moments to picture of service: the port to Operation Defensive Shield Boone War II, operation cast lead, the “Cliff”. Thousands of soldiers are determined and willing to protect the House – we also remember dozens of funerals are aching. Remember the 1997 Israeli helicopter disaster notification and understanding where fallen 73 fighters, the attack on worshippers given the price and the aching for the soldiers killed in operations, training, accidents, soldiers who died when their service and disease. The remaining families are missing and never hurt. Back to meetings of IDF commanders and casualties with bereaved families, mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, grandparents to carry its mission of protecting the country and the constant effort to maintain the security of Israel.

Big words like strength, fortitude, resilience and coping with loss and received a tangible manifestation of those meetings. I saw the eyes of this values if education both construction and continues to lecture in front of youth and enlist the service value, was introduced to the boys and girls who met Chief of execellence ceremony, bereaved sister walking in the footsteps of her brother and was in the military service of the parish, I learned important lessons about Zionism and Israel meets with a brave woman her only education immigrated before and decided after his death. Also, she is a volunteer in the IDF.

I am taking with me countless moments, and an exciting nightlife.

I am proud to finish military service, company officials, dedicated to fall, educators and the upper parts and light – are with the bereaved families.

I appreciate the privilege I had in the last four years, to stand at the top of the value, quality, and the regular officers and soldiers and reserves, saws and everlasting commitment to the bereaved families, the injured and the families of the missing. In their work they express the same holy alliance with IDF’s with those who gave everything to safeguard Israel’s security.

Together with all Israel, I don’t have a prayer and more families to bereavement. We shall return to our country, lacking and we complete our commitment to bringing for burial of victims to the grave and Israel Deputy Sergeant Oron citrus Goldin and Paul in memory of blessing.

May the memory of boys and girls.

“I am taking with me countless moments, painful and exciting.”

Translated from Hebrew