“I came, I saw, I shot ‘: making a gunner

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A week of intense training experience at shibeta fighters firing cannon: “first week you forget.” Photographic coverage

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מחבר: יהונתן שר, אתר זרוע-היבשה

חיל התותחנים

Three words that heading are the name given to this exercise, which first carried the Warriors advanced Torah shooting artillery (self-propelled gun) Maybe when the thin sand characteristic of ground flying burst into the air in cracks, one who makes artillery soldiers. Perhaps this is where he sees his Warrior the first landing within the destination, mighty, and maybe it happens a few months later, at the end of the runway. What is certain is that no soldier goes mshboa.

“I came, I saw, I shot ‘: making a gunner

The exercise last week. Photo: Eden azran, GoC army headquarters.

“Advanced training began five weeks ago,” explained Captain banan Ghanim, Commander of the battalion’s advanced training “reshef” during short lunch break stopped shooting at practice last week. “This training week each team shoots the first shells and practicing all the team drills Yesterday we drill team that included fire protection caniste carried out over a distance of 2400 meters, where each team performed by shell. Today the exercise ‘ I came, I saw, I shot ‘, each team firing shells from five different situations, including the time limit, the practice of אב”ך attack and other incidents.

“I came, I saw, I shot ‘: making a gunner

“It’s something crazy, suddenly shaky and a little baby you come into the market, the second,” said corporal Marc visis, shooting experience. “It’s hard for me to explain it, other than some big feelings wake. Along with the joy, the exercises require of high professional level and intensive work.
“We’re a week mmcata area the troops and put them back in business,” explained Sgt. Ziv
LaVie, Commander of the team. “It’s kind of a rough week for soldiers, but is one of the most memorable weeks of advanced training.

“I came, I saw, I shot ‘: making a gunner

Suddenly, informants about 40 minutes left to do the rest of the shooting and they all rush back to. Have time to work on their face masks אב”ך.” we’re going to do by the latest volley of all major battery “, Ghanem, and the voices of warriors yet feasts were allowed to take off the masks. The explosive is compressed, the shell is loaded and all waiting still to fire. Prudence are firing, “shout the commanders, before you put your head back into the baby it’s hard to imagine a better finish to the Ordinance to exercise sound only in part
Before being absorbed in the mane.


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