“I found myself face-to-face with the highest ranking soldier in the Israel Defense Forces

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Sgt. (Res.) 91 injured in an exercise of paratroopers. He is not expected to be cleared away by helicopter of the army: “I got to see how the person who manages the world’s strongest army worried about each of his soldiers.”

תאריך: 16/02/2015, 18:31    
מחבר: סמ”ר (במיל’) עמית קוסקס, חטיבת הצנחנים

I remember everything that happened that day in detail, but my strongest memory is the fear that I can’t play anymore. It might sound
A little silly that’s the first thing that POPs to mind when I look at my leg is so irregular, but even then it was clear to me that I wasn’t in danger, so I took the liberty.

I thought about all the things I didn’t get to do, and we have to cherish the moment.
A shocking turning point of my life. One minute I’m in the middle of running exercise, storm, fire, and then I waited for a helicopter that would turn me into a hospital with an injured foot.

It was during long exercise almost two hours of tinkering with live ammunition. Right at the end, as the senior shaderg who came to watch us left, someone accidentally fired a burst into the team, and one of the bullets hit me in the market. It felt like a shock. In those moments, I was connected to everything happening around me. I remember hearing screaming, ‘ 91 and ‘ 669 StrongARM, a doctor. It took me a few seconds to get a shock return to function and to ensure that all vital organs still in place. I was more relaxed and tried to connect to a State that wanted to break away from him.

One of the most incredible things in the brotherhood of warriors is always no matter what the situation, we laugh the ו’ירידות each other easier. I
It was one of the most absurd moments in my life, I’m sitting there, almost crying from the pain, feel how blocking the arteries have broken bones, and conversely any
Friends and my superiors about all my past, turtle species to make me laugh and enhance mood. I don’t know how or why but it actually helped him and part of me thinks my life is completed across the quiet mode and I don’t bother me as much as it bothered me a few minutes earlier.

Five minutes after the injury I can see the helicopter arrives. Many things not connecting to my mind and questions begin to run with my head: ‘ we are very far away, how did they get so fast? And why are they not designed for helicopter evacuation of the wounded, but rather small and personal helicopter. All the questions I got answers faster than I expected when we landed 100 meters from me and it turned out, the army General Benny Gantz himself. I remember the excitement, but risnati it and surprise and concentrated
Especially trying to get onto the stretcher without causing too much pain to myself on the way.

Chief running toward the stretcher and began to push her toward the helicopter while yelling to four elders who were inside to come out and make room for me. Just as the helicopter took off and found myself one-on-one ב’פגישה with the highest ranking soldier in the IDF, creeps me the understanding I is felt. I was very embarrassed because I tore off my clothes and I was dirty from mud and ash. Chief apparently noticed this and encased hand me his brass and started chatting with me, just like in his tidy Office and I don’t even bother with his HELO with blood. He told me that he
Already see more serious injuries and he sure will be fine. It reassures me because I felt like he knows what he’s talking about.

Further on, I asked him how and why he came to contact me. He smiled and told me the story that has been reviewing so many times. He said authenticated 669 rescue unit was also in the cockpit. Apparently the pilot told Chief casually that one of the soldiers of the exercise they left just minutes earlier, and in these moments was sent a helicopter to evacuate him to a hospital. The Chief told me how he ordered the helicopter and come back to pick me up himself to the hospital instead of waiting.
The rescue unit. In retrospect, I found that the pilot had brought to his knowledge they don’t have enough fuel or
Time to get to a popular Forum on campus, but only the army lifted an arm and repeated request to pick me up.

As the helicopter landed on the roof of the hospital and doctors started running towards the stretcher.
Take me back to those corridors and stress, the left arm, foster twice on my face and asked me to keep myself a little better today. Nothing to say, it was definitely an honor. I’m not sure when I realized what I know today, I see with my own eyes how the person who runs the strongest army in the world is tough on one hand and on the other hand, sensitive and worried about each of his soldiers.
Almost a year later to closure. I came to the pilot course graduation of my good friend and I saw a broad Ribbon remained in talks with other officials. Don’t hesitate and decided to approach him and thank him, to see if he remembers me and if I left him strong memory as he left me. Two of his bodyguards gave me the approach to it, but I was able to Pat him on the shoulder. When he turned around I knew by the look of him that he recognized me.

Translated from Hebrew