I love the joint exercise “will strengthen our strength in dealing with threats and close.”

שר הביטחון בתרגיל, היום. צילום: משרד הביטחון

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited the mount, where American Patriot batteries deployed as part of a drill, the IDF AC12 and us army exercise “is an expression of deep collaboration,” said

תאריך: 23/10/2012, 17:37    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך, אתר צה”ל

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited today (Tuesday) in Mount Ethan where American Patriot batteries deployed as part of a drill, the IDF AC12 and the u.s. military.

The battery layout is only part one of air defence exercise, the largest held so far between the two armies. The exercise includes examining enhanced technologies that were not available in the previous joint exercise conducted between the two armies. “Iron dome” system to dial in and exercise, “Sling prospects and in real time.

“This exercise is a reflection of the depth of cooperation between us and the u.s. military, defence forces, between Governments and between the two peoples, and we appreciate your cooperation and consider it,” said Minister Barak today said that the exercise will help us to cope if it is purposeful to test against threats near and far for rockets and missiles, particularly rockets and heavy missiles from long ranges.

He said on the sidelines of the Defense Minister was referring to the operations in the Gaza Strip this morning, during an IDF officer was injured, company in Givati, critically. “We take this incident very seriously,” said the Minister, noting that “the IDF could respond in the right way and the right time for this event. Any person or group who attacked Israeli security, whether it’s IDF fighters or civilians on the other side, not clean and we stand on responsibility to protect citizens and soldiers to perform their tasks.

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