I put powder (shoes)

48 שעות בעמדת התצפית. צילום: דובר צה”ל

In the company of women, warriors combat battalion’s pickup with everything that proves you can do, they can do better. What is the secret? IDF site trying to find out.

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מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל

שירות נשים
יום האישה הבין-לאומי
איסוף קרבי

“Girls, three to whom they all say there’s hair company works best without slipping. Ready? One, two, three and they all say “the same name, and celebrates nizachonn.

This game takes place in the Office or even on the base, but if the blue dirty little observation during exercise. That’s the number of huddle side by side with guns at the ready for 48 hours. At one point, chatty and deep conversation.

In addition to celebrating the victory, opening an in-depth debate women on why they rarely agree on anything save one play. ” After an hour of speculation, which contribute to transfer of time almost as much as the game itself, the girls realize that different backgrounds they came, along with the need of each stand out in a group so large, they cause nearly constant disagreement. Even in my business.

How to keep the femininity while guarding the country’s borders?

Must see to believe how “surge” brigade is in them.
Of the collection. This is the only company in the army consisting solely of warring and extreme conditions; H collecting even more close combat. They are together sometimes 48 hours in small galleries, and endanger their lives.
Shoulder to shoulder. Her warrior who will give you a hug or cry with you one day, you charge in battle the next day.

I put powder (shoes)

“Quite a few people ask me how we get along just girls together every day, says with a laugh,” Sgt. podolitz sound of the wave company. “Any time you find the place, and that’s how we build a professional and coherent unit, other forces can count on. Our advantage is that we as women take care of doing things.
Very thorough and high standards, so our task is always performed
The best “lists.

Despite the progress of recent years, according to the warring people still hard to accept “ה”סתירה between the words Warrior woman. “Anyone who visits our company finds out that this combination is not conflict, but kind of a way of life,” says cpl. hawe sedaka, one of the Warriors, which every company returns to the room, taking the weapons and high shoes and lays on sheets of ‘ Hello Kitty ‘. “When I’m in the army I allow myself not to worry about the company itself, and no one in the company would never put me back on the subject,” she says. “No matter what you do or how you choose to look and behave, as all here respect each other.”

I put powder (shoes)

“No matter what you do or how you choose to look and behave, as all here respect each other.”

The girls ‘ access to an individual’s identity and their feminine bolstered not by the fact that their battalion headquarters, and the first woman in the role. For Warriors, Lt. Col. happy Baker, headquarters, is one of the largest and most influential women in their 20s militarily. “I think the fact we have a headquarters, and Commander, contributes greatly to the sense of pride and female empowerment”, stipulates:
Podolitz. “We know that she will realize some problems commanding man not necessarily able
To empathize with them. Besides, she knows to ask us and get us to God. Nice
To know that Esme used instead, “she adds.

One for all, all for one

After eight months of arduous training, basic and advanced training, cpl. Ellis unequivocal message like: she didn’t finish the course and become a fighter. Three days before receiving the PIN sliver of combat intelligence collection, the doctor tells her that you only go up to the line with her friends because of a medical condition that began during training. “All the girls were broken and sad for me. They cried, screamed and Sasso me nails tension “, restores cpl. Ellis “I was so distracted that I didn’t even considered the possibility that they can help me.”

Then hope reborn. “I looked around and saw how each company
Is made part of a struggle. ” Command post wrote her letters of recommendation, some companies sent a formal letter to Regiment, platoon Sergeant and even gave her his Warrior mask even though it didn’t finish up her training as required.

I put powder (shoes)

“At that moment I realized what this fellowship, fighters remember cpl. Ellis “I knew that despite all the difficulties, I will continue to fight to stay in company with mendillo girls.”

“I realized that I have no one to trust besides serving girls with me”

“Ultimately, it’s cliché, we are like family,” says cpl. sedaka. “We can fight, angry not to agree, but we’re in a crisis.
Always know how to strengthen and support. After all, we see each other more by the parents or friends.

I put powder (shoes)

“The advantage
He women. that we care to do things thoroughly and very high standards, so our task is always performed in the best possible way. “

CPL. sedaka attended boarding school, where she was in close contact with boys. Before she did, she knew the parents or friends always help her with any problems. “When I came into the army, without the phone or the ability to communicate with the outside world, suddenly I realized that I have no one to trust besides serving girls with me,” she remembers.

One major event is etched in her memory he examines the track that every Warrior and warrior before their training. “I was so scared I didn’t move and was certified to be a fighter,” she confessed. “I discovered very quickly that other girls felt like me, and we decided to organize together a group training. In both we diet menus running at the base together and support each other. “

I put powder (shoes)

When shalohamt tried to talk her out of the House to support, though.
The proximity of the deep, they are really difficult to give advice or help. “It’s a lot easier to open and vent with people who are part of the system and understand how it works sadkah, corporal schema.

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