“I realized I had two tasks: to maintain the relationship and life”

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On the Memorial to the martyrs of the signal Corps and ICT launched the book “Oz” ties, describing the war of attrition from the eyes of … one of the half-caste pointed out beyond the Canal.

תאריך: 14/07/2011, 10:06    
מחבר: אביחי חיים

Last week launched the book ” oz ” relations, the Memorial to the martyrs and computing Yehud. The book describes the redoubt in the eyes of a soldier … just not in a great war and priority data into his private war-keeping system in place and just as importantly, saving his life.

Author, Giora snar, served as a radio operator in the Chinese Division, 7 months … a half-caste pointed out beyond two stronghold. The story I wrote describes the war of attrition
Between Israel and Egypt, which lasted a year and a half along the Egyptian frontier, where Egypt has tried to keep the war of attrition against IDF forces by repeated shelling of outposts along the Suez Canal.

Snar, said his new book is not just the personal story, but the story of the whole, and ICT. “When I got a bitch ” d 7 saw the huge sign.
The control arm is to command and control, understood every word but did not understand the meaning of the sentence. When I got to the pier, the recognition of the importance of the signal Corps began to sink in. Very quickly I realized I got two in the first missions to keep contact, no excuses. The second task is to stay alive. Fortunately, despite the risks to complete two tasks.

Major General (Ret.) Shlomo INBAR, President of Association for the commemoration of martyrs of the signal Corps and the ICT said during an event to launch the book adds 15 heritage sets produced so far, the Pavilion and the Museum collection houses ICT newly renovated and upgraded, the Heritage Centre contact (MRM) created in the past year, to contain historical material, which slowly undergoes a process of sorting, cataloguing and conservation. In addition to the artistic heritage and historic figures in חי”ק Veterans Club, project documentation and חי”ק cases out there and another here and here. No wonder out and we aim to continue to develop the heritage. Because without legacy won’t be able to network with himself. ”

Brig. Gen. קשר”ר, Nahum bessolo, spoke at the ceremony and said that ” the Honorable warriors who are sitting with us here can tell you about the history of our glorious force and they will tell later. Brig. Gen. bessolo greeted the author and said that “this book is the story of a very complicated period, the eyes of a young soldier who comes to the dock and see that the war is about the relationship and life. This book is an asset to the empowerment
And the spirit of the past. We continue to educate here generations of soldiers and commanders of the C4I Corps and I know we have soldiers and commanders never disappoint.

Translated from Hebrew