:: ICT officer attacking IDF targets rate doubled to 10 times in the past three years.

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In a speech today at C5 Israel, Brig. Gen. Selinger for teleprocessing and importance of international zroeit, bkishories will come to the space Warrior

תאריך: 18/07/2013, 14:09    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב

ICT officer and Brigadier General Eyal, Selinger, today (Thursday) at C5 of the people and Organizations with computers ‘, which took place in Tel Aviv. In his speech, introduced about the needs, goals and capabilities of teleprocessing, stressing the need for a connection between IDF arms, air force, Navy and ground forces, as well as connecting the systems and control back to the battlefield.

Rabbi zroeit connectivity is
The topic about it including recently, and treated her in his speech. “A common language of various arms and wings is crucial to realize the idea of zroeit-shilobies,” he explained. “Our goal is to set standards for the army will be United! tkshovis. Cut (a multi-year plan-y) tcshovi power building in departments and various arms controlled by the Division to ensure development on the basis of planned infrastructure, elaborated in his speech.

:: ICT officer attacking IDF targets rate doubled to 10 times in the past three years.

The Conference today. “The control systems will not be territory from Plasmas controls.”

In addition, he added in remarks that in the near future the zroeit connectivity is expressed not only in the senior commanding but comes to a level surface. “In the next few years pass the connectivity zroeit tactical level – nochil to transfer data directly between the tank for helicopter or fighter plane, between the living space and the ship. Our goal is to command and control systems will be Sir, anywhere and anytime, not the other way around – we want to avoid the situation of the Plasmas, said Brig. Gen. Selinger.

Referring to teleprocessing achievements in recent years,
Contact the Rabbi fire arm “—” until about three years ago the process targets different system procedure. When we wanted to control the army or command level or goals between various arms – air force intelligence Corps, for example, methods of transport were complex and convoluted. The result was less attacking targets
A day. Compared to the situation three years ago, attacking our goals at a time was doubled ten times.

“We want to be prepared for war, not one, and we need to act creatively,” said Brig. Gen. Selinger.

Translated from Hebrew