As part of a routine process of internal monitoring of nurses in charge of family health centers (“Tipat Halav”) in the Southern District, a fault was detected with vaccine that has been expired.
It should be emphasized that there is no safety issue, however there are doubts concerning the vaccination’s effectiveness.

A number of babies in the Southern District were given a vaccine for 1 year old babies (measles, mumps, rubella, varicella), in which a specific batch, with expiration date of late April, had been expired. The vaccine was given in four different “Tipat Halav” centers in the southern district.
The errors occurred in early May and were detected by a planned monitoring of the nurses in charge. The families of all the babies were updated and invited for additional dose.
Since according to the Epidemiology Department guidelines a non-effective vaccination requires repeated dose, the department instructed to re-vaccinate all the babies. It should be noted that there is no safety risk, however the effectiveness of the active ingredient in the vaccine is doubtful, and therefore re-vaccination is necessary. In addition, there is no danger in giving additional dose, and the purpose of the -vaccination is to ensure optimum protection in relation to the diseases.
The issue was conveyed to public health services, and the district is investigating the incident