IDF: Army modest expenses for ceremonies and folklore events.

אירוע צבאי, אילוסטרציה

So as part of a modest army “Ordinance come into effect soon and limit the total expenditure on education and tourism. Control mechanisms be enforced “stapler
The “budget belts

תאריך: 27/02/2012, 15:34    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

In 2012 key examine new command in, you sign a modest army “, and would you describe the task approved for work. Against the backdrop of budget cuts and adjustments made in the areas of procurement, and buildup of change also comes to ongoing work, entertainment and culture.

Changes to the command are crucial and they were formulated as part of the instructions given by the Chief of staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, Deputy Chief of staff, Gen. Yair Naveh and General אכ”א
Ali love. “Basically, this is a must have to drive”, said a senior officer in the Lair now.

Today strives to official events and folklore events in a dignified manner, humble and maintaining visibility. And discipline head, Lt.-Col. Oren Avraham, said that “the army should be conducted according to standards, and modesty. The events will be respected, and modest, and quality will be our “. Now is a modest color “command in certificates and signatures, and is expected to be approved by the head General Ali אכ”א love, for the next month.

Single trips are limited to only one day.

Under the changes, presenting ironic features on television and arm assemblies, or are limited to force a permanent budget, which cuts of 25%. In addition, the spatial limit commands.
The frequency of performing the rallies so that regimental Assembly every two years and will ogdatit
Performed once a Division Commander’s term. At the same time, not distributed gifts these days.

Social events, not gifts for little hats and shirts. Meanwhile, haileim sports will take place once a year at a military facility, the facility of society (אל”ח) or in another facility, provided that the cost per person is.
Alternatively, it is possible to have a field day at soldiers, once in term of officer
Main force. Sports day will be held at military unit or facility of אל”ח, and the only one allowed to frame is held.

Field trips is also expected to see significant cuts, where the unit of travel units and activity level down included one day without. Any exception requires the authority of the Department head, or the relevant command. Unable to purchase gifts for soldiers except for hats or t-shirts.

In the field events of Frida commanders, planners will have to spend less money and raise the events. In the event of separation from champion began trimming 29% and from event Inspector and Commander of regular Division began a 20% cut. Farewell events died.
And champions-free budget, will retire within the unit, in addition to the prohibition set by Deputy Chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, trained to appear in events. Furthermore, they are overwhelmingly event execution.

Cancel all gifts except books

Of conferences, courses, seminars and workshops not granted gifts to some degree or professional school, which cost may not exceed 25% of wages.
Conferences held by Chief considered special events and the gift giving part of the Conference and approved by General Moshe alush אכ”א רמ”ט or אכ”א,
Ali love. During special days such as spouses and partners or child day began trimming budgets and a decrease in the frequency of events. About giving gifts to IDF reservists, holiday gifts to servants and members of the General staff, departments and commands in the new guidelines that arms control-limited budget. At the same time, after the Finish command course before or on the occasion of the wedding were given gifts to the new guidelines, that won’t be given gifts for these occasions.

In General, the changes represent a 30% reduction in the budget allocated to, and the use of military units in the IDF by all military units.

In addition to the above changes, also cuts in culture and entertainment are expected to be initiated.
Apart from guiding the Vice Chief, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, reduced procurement of external artists in concert and military bands activity, testing in additional adjustments, too. Following the civic connections across education and Youth Corps, found in an alternative – the Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute offers free lectures to IDF units, this update opens the connections. The lectures deal with character issues, the Israeli commander of the soldier and the military in Israeli cinema, the time Israel and the Negev in the singer.

IDF commanders at all levels lead the cultural change required in accordance with the “modest” army, which required them to increase control and enforcement mechanisms and reduce the budgetary expenses.

Translated from Hebrew