IDF bases connected to the sewers until 2015

נעם סרנה, דובר צה”ל

In a meeting held between Prime Minister Office Director, Eyal Gabai, and Minister for environmental protection, ardan, agreed that the issue be brought to the Government in its verdict. “This Minister Arden historical decision that indicates responsibility for rehabilitating the damaged

תאריך: 20/05/2010, 00:22    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך

In a meeting held today (Thursday) in his Office of the Prime Minister’s Office Director, Eyal Gabbai, decided to settle the matter of connecting to the sewer networks IDF earthiness, following its letter of the Minister of environmental protection, ardan, who wished to promote the subject and led to Government.

At its close, the Government will discuss the proposed environmental protection Ministers of infrastructure and security demanded 400 million allocation to complete a basic connection to the sewer. The proposal, as it brought to the Government implements the recommendations of the professional staff, intergovernmental agencies, regarding priority on the connection to store sewage infrastructure is regulated.

The Office for environmental protection said that according to the proposal, the Ministry of Defense will perform during the five years following the IDF bases connection to sewerage systems exist, and
When the connection is impossible, local solutions will be performed using accepted standards, technologies and in accordance with the sewage infrastructure development manager.

The Minister said in response that the Ardennes country must apply on the same environmental
It requires from the public. “This is a historic decision indicated that the country is starting to realize its responsibility for the environmental damage it causes,” he said. Connect to store sewage infrastructure to prevent contamination of water sources and soil, sewage utilization for irrigation and save many household resources required to get far to restore environmental damage. “

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