IDF commanders identify themselves as Israelis – more than Jews.

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According to a study of its kind conducted by the education and Youth Corps among a representative sample of IDF commanders research indicates that most of the service commanders in the IDF as a central component in Israel’s identity

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מחבר: אמנון דירקטור

-New military research and the first of its kind conducted by the education and Youth Corps, displays snapshot that reflects the perceptions of IDF commanders regarding Israeli-Jewish identity. The study examined the existence of fixed patterns in the consciousness of Israeli-Jewish identity of commanders and it should help to better understand education
Perceptions of education of IDF commanders, and the challenges faced.

The meaning of the term “identity” in the dictionary is a trademark. This is a term in sociology and psychology that describes human perception itself, and perceptions of the company. All the army’s soldier, enlisted with his unique “ה”זהות, which had been affected by circumstances before his enlistment: home and parents, education, experiences over the years. But the identity of the person, is dynamic and is in a process of continued growth and formation, throughout his life.

In the document “and especially” goal of education can be found in the following reference to identify: “the IDF does not define” Judaism “or” Israel “. Over these questions is social ה”מגרש”, where they are supposed to be. However, the IDF relies on events,
Traditions, opinions, various symbols and rituals from the vocabulary, historical memory to
To formulate the national servants met him. “


233 commanders participated in the study, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel rank

Who is responsible for carrying out the education Corps study is a research and development (r & d) trust for educational research. “Education Corps engages in a wide range of activities in strengthening the Israeli-Jewish identity of soldiers and commanders in particular, told IDF Maj. Noa Azoulay site, רמ”ד, and one of the preparatory study.
“The goal of the study is to adjust educational activities and values so that they are tailored to the needs of commanders in the army,” she added.

The study was conducted in early 2009 with the participation of 233 Cadet commanders, to Lieutenant Colonel, of whom about two-thirds men and one-third women. Most participants were Jews and those who define themselves in jail. Data collection was carried out quantitative method: questionnaire built according to existing research tool, plus additional questions concerning the Jewish identity based on circles of belonging, the importance of employment in this field and service concept
The military.


The Holocaust-the main event that affect the Jewish

When asked the commanders to events affecting the fate of the Jewish people
And their fate individually they indicate the Holocaust as the main event, both for them and for the Jewish people. In second place are related events in the State.
The commanders also perceive their identity more than Israeli Jews, however the settings “” not distinct “contemptuous juxtaposition: you can find meaningful contexts that are similar in each of
Identities. Moreover, the meanings of Jewish identity and greater than
The Israeli identity.

Most of the service commanders in the IDF as a central component of their identity.
The IDF captured by commanders as a community to her sense of belonging within the larger community of the State of Israel. In order to identify the elements of the identity presented to commanders
The statement: “Israel means …”. These are the findings: 62% said that being Israeli means to serve in the army, 52% claim to be proud of being Israeli means,
46% said that being an Israeli is to live in Israel while only 44% said that being an Israeli is to vote (the calculation is done according to the extent of respondents high level).


Why we? Thus were born.

Referring to Jewish identity, the commanders were asked a series of idioms arising out of a circular model Jeremiah Israel (concept that claims that no Jewish identity). The answers appeared in the study are in order: the majority claimed that Jews are born and almost a similar number of reply claimed that Jewish is in common.
The land of Israel. A few more noted that in common the Jewish culture that is different from other Nations, and few further argued that Jews shared values system.

The study was conducted by major Carmel-defrin, קח”פ Center, during its role as head of r & d.
Further reading of data and qualitative analysis of data made by Dr light
Hamo, peoplehood studies unit at the University of Tel Aviv in cooperation with major Noa Azoulay, and רמ”ד.


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