IDF commanders specify year anniversary of “father of the chariot”: “many owe him their lives.”

צילום: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

Armored Corps inaugurated a monument to the memory of major general Israel Tal ex (tlik), an exciting evening held in memory. The Gantz: the legacy of tlik leads us
In countering challenges to opened “

תאריך: 16/09/2011, 16:22    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

In September last year, lost one IDF commanders, strategists and thinkers that bshrothio developers. Maj. Gen. Israel Tal, formerly known as “international” and “tlik my chariot, passed away last year leaving a large space but also a vast heritage. Last night (Thursday) in Division 7, Latrun memorial ceremony marking anniversary of death of the former champion.

At the beginning of the event a lot new installation inaugurated alongside the Merkava tanks, a Brigadier General who initiated, bearing the name and portrait of tlik and designed and designed by architect major (Ret.) Judah Yahav and believe Chen and intler. Many officials were standing in the Security Chief Lt. General Benny Gantz, Defense Minister Mr. Ehud Barak, Israeli Defense Ministry UDI Shani, Commander of GoC Army Gen. Sami turgeman and the main officers.

Israel Tal was the IDF’s armor doctrine designers and stood at the head of two major projects: the coils and the Merkava tank. Developing an innovative tank is crucial to perceptions the mighty machines were popular, and mega skills seemed to be possible. He took part in Israel’s major systems including the six day war, “operation peace for the Galilee and the Yom Kippur war. In 1961 he won the first prize in the case.
The bridge project Israel rolls “that assist in crossing the Suez Canal and in 1973 received the award again for the Merkava tank project.

“Rare visionary who built around professional doctrine”

“I felt the unmistakable dignity over her, to say things here in memory of one of the great mpkadia of the IDF, and the Chief of general staff, said Benny Gantz. “Many of the people who are in this room knew tlik. Win a meet him several times in recent years to get love and hear his advice, but you who works beside and below it, you can probably testify better than on the man.

“I belong to a generation that saw it as a symbol,” he added, “the army as a teenager growing up on the great victory of the six day war engraved in my memory the words reading” don’t change this battle, the enemy wanted it, the enemy opened and one epic ikblano enemy. The words
, Describing more accurately the essence of the IDF force shield, and powerful, the ogdato soldiers tlik before the war. This is true today as it was for 44 years ago. The IDF is an army now thirst for battle, but
He stands with them on guard, because the enemy will act. When dealing with
Challenges in legacy and his father-in-law stands of balancing “violinist tlik

“The person who wins this btank maybe, saying that Israel’s mind still as the essence of Gen. Israel Tal,” continued Chief, “these words made with naturally password of the armored Corps. The man at the center of all. Tlik saw armored warriors in various systems Israel continue to gallop toward shrioniam flaming enemy when any hold em Stinson, was faith in the righteousness of their actions and their commitment to their friends and to the mission. He lost many of his commanders under his command, and in excruciating pain and felt
Cuts the pain of loss. But most of all he could see for miles, was a rare visionary and strategist who made law and technology around.

“Based on this plan the Merkava tank,” stressed Lt. General Gantz, “every detail of it, until
Armor thickness, level and location of the engine, all directed to enhance the power of the soldiers and commanders. Chief summed up his comments by saying that “many fighters and commanders to perceive their lives. tlik

The legacy of Gen. Tal escort the armored Corps for many years

The main armor officer, Brig. Gen. Yigal slovik, said “these days the armored Corps and GoC army finished the Merkava Mark 4 Division II and
The establishment of the third one and it systems, advanced technologies and sophisticated fleet of tanks entering in rhythm, the armored Corps busy test series of all these together to high operational quality and effectiveness that it has to be a decisive force in the next war. Anyway, Wikipedia’s “tlik

“This challenging period, and operational matters of death and I have no doubt that you, Mr. armor, you enjoy people when it greatly,” continued the Chief Officer, “would you like to see trophy participates in operational, you’d like to participate in the Steering Committee and the Committee of the training sequence. Would you like to see a dental hygienist arise and are units, train and demonstrate effectiveness. You also enjoy the master gunner course, or ‘ gunner ‘ Cannon as it calls out the control arm, the high professional level and quality of tank commanders delves into deep in young tothanot. “

“We, the armored Corps and I, don’t get more benefit from you, Sir, Mr. armor”, obituary, “slovik General doubt that could have a great help in all these issues I’ve & others. We don’t get no comments and feedback to harotich, not aggressive and not too painful for encouraging and supporting the spirit “spoken twice

Armored force grows stronger, temporize to the operational challenges facing
In those days and those to come, “said Brig. Gen. slovik, who noted that this readiness becomes the” clear and conspicuous of the professional tnkait in front. We embrace amiratch, ‘ there’s no such thing as the best in the world, the world’s greatest team and the person who btank WINS. His work and legacy of Gen. Israel Tal escort the armored Corps for many years.

Chairman of the Israel Defense Forces, Israel yedidya hero, told IDF website that he was “very close to tlik. He noted that “when I was born and I am half dead in the hospital, tlik came to me out of the bed to the wheelchair and took
Me to his allies. The other son is already a godfather. “

“I had a lot of love and a lot of appreciation and sometimes scared when he boomed his voice. It’s a heavy loss, since it was an asset of tlik and genius in terms of his abilities, “Kahalani said.

Translated from Hebrew