IDF extends the use of mortar system Keshet

The Ministry of Defence signed a contract for the supply of additional systems of type “spectrum” of about 40 million. System usage is continuing to learn lessons from previous failures in the system

תאריך: 18/09/2011, 12:56    

IDF extends the use of mortars Keshet system: the Ministry of Defense signed today (Mon) systems supply contract worth about 40 million dollars for using the supplied systems. for the first time the army in 2007 and advanced systems are world class. Systems will supply during the next four years.

Keshet systems combine 120 mm mortar with innovative systems of fire control, navigation, formation and propulsion. The IDF produced lessons from researched the death of Sgt. nadav Rotenberg, who killed by troops who used the system, including ה”קשת ‘s joining” into the systems of command and control.

Factor in GoC army headquarters told the IDF site that “Rainbow” significantly boosted their ability to fire precision of the regiments. The system enables to get accurate coordinates into the computer, and remove the mortar bomb exactly the same 30 thanks to this ability, the time it takes to firing mortars much shorter than before, so Greece will do the mortar manually.

Translated from Hebrew