IDF fighters continue to navigate without Waze

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No, all IDF officer is trained to navigate complex.
Her navigation section 1 reveal that, ultimately, this map, compass learning so

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מחבר: נועם שרעבי, מז”י

In an era where every exit from home accompanied by the navigation applications, the IDF continued to coach the warriors and navigation officers. Who is responsible for training, among other things, is also where navigation section 1, IDF officers, cooperating with various units in order to monitor closely and to assist with navigation ashrsht high skill.

Lieutenant רמ”ד Chica, naming and navigate her 1, explains that” as part of the training we teach officer cadets as types navigation navigating in a built-up area, open space and vehicles. He said the officers ‘ training also includes unlimited navigation designed, where cadets are required to demonstrate high competencies.

IDF fighters continue to navigate without Waze

High importance in the study of navigation expressed primarily during emergencies. “Ultimately, who the mtspecim forces as fighting has stopped, for example, are not required to staff officers navigation capabilities over conventional work high,” says Lt. Chica, “as part of the IDF officer’s abilities, every officer in which he should be able to navigate and find your way around. The many benefits of the navigation throw many features required of an officer, he develops his philosophical flexibility as Commander, strengthens self-confidence and decision-making ability of his decision.

Essentially, the relatively simple, but within the IDF required three basic measures: map, compass so learner. “If you tkilim and you find yourself in the middle of unfamiliar territory, the first rule in navigation and the first thing you need to do is to go to higher ground,” Deputy “Chica, you have views of the surrounding area, you can adjust the area map
Hill to Hill on the map. The last step is to encrypt your map to find your location and depending on it to navigate yourself to the goal.

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