IDF forces practiced evacuating the wounded in the incident of terrorism in the Gaza sector

Your Bedouin patrol battalion and Brigade strength set practiced evacuating wounded Harvester, played while conspiracy stopped event

תאריך: 08/02/2012, 10:15    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Your Bedouin patrol battalion and Brigade strength set practice week evacuation.
Terence of conspiracy case and cut the Gaza Strip. Exercises of this type usually conducted once every few months, but Geddes a Bedouin practice frequently subject to operational need in Gaza Strip.

“Part of our operational activity in Gaza is to deny penetration,” said IDF site the company commander to help the Bedouin, Captain Joseph Geddes adefarasin ‘ Kelvin. “The main threat here is kidnapping a soldier, IEDs and shooting. Therefore during the exercise, we have secured the area where the injured had to avoid danger. In order to prevent kidnapping attempt we need to neutralize the threat and destroyed, “Captain kokokyaw 137.

As part of the exercise, the agads Bedouin force conducted reconnaissance on the border of the Gaza Strip was hit from the trunk.
On the fence, which injured one soldier, and after an exchange of gunfire with the enemy ambush instead injured another soldier. Regimental medical forces began their operation and a helicopter for uploading ‘ wounded ‘ and moving them quickly.

Meanwhile, another base in southern Gaza, follow the rest of the exercise below.
The goal was to deal with a scenario where a combined two different events at the same time, thereby forcing the situation and operations Act strenuously.

“The order in which the event starts from the junior level to the officers operations. Eventually everything went right, “concluded Captain adefarasin ‘ Kelvin.

Translated from Hebrew