IDF founder – operations covered party patrol combat photographers leading property documentation

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Dozens of fighters – those photographers who prepare combat track them as fighters.
And professional photographers, whose record in the field of operational events and give quick replies
Challenge IDF advocacy

תאריך: 09/07/2012, 12:31    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט והדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

For the first time in the Israeli Labour Party, coverage will be composed of dozens of fighters. The recruitment cycle soon joined the combat photographers track full of eight
Months at Golani Brigade. After training as a full-fledged warriors, they join the party and shaping wires in the IDF by dilbeck circle which began in the second Lebanon war, and give a quick response to the challenges outlined in the operational field.

“The battleground has changed, and increasingly make use and propaganda tools camera. IDF should adjust itself to the changing reality in which anyone has interest can distort the truth according to his motives, “the IDF site head of operational documentation of the IDF spokesperson, Maj. MICAH Ohana. “The second Lebanon war identified the need for documentation to be able to move troops, in the fastest time, a picture of the battlefield.
From the field to all media outlets in the world, “he said.

The first pilot project documenting the entrails starting three years ago, until recently they were recruited in a limited form in which trained to Rifleman 05. All current and future document come from filmmaking background, usually through an ROTC course. Duties they join all forces, both the risk and the highest sensitivity. Documenting work as independent teams attached to organic forces, routine and similar to the model of “sting”. In wartime, documenting will participate in the war effort as warriors and photographers alike. During operation “cast lead”
Reflected in the combination of photographers, which yield significant information products.

According to Maj. Ohana, documenting serve in combat, ranging from close to specialised training for photographers of terrorist warfare, fighting in built-up area and navigation series.
These days choosing the IDF spokesperson is base, allowing them access to training facilities and logistics shell adjusts to maintain competence. Among others, soon approved a unique party mask, consisting of a camera shutter, wings and sword.

In the document are advanced technologies that can transmit an image in real time. The products arrive at the situation closer Visual, which drains all IDF contracts sources – air force planes, Navy ships, observations and photographic intelligence documenting operational. There they are redirected to the PR needs, intelligence and operational

Also, prior to the events of September 2011, which was expected to mass demonstrations against the Palestinian vote, strengthened the concept of operational documentation in all military units.
In the past two years, dozens of operational documentation were fighters from various units in special photography Ben weeks. Along with the party is, they ensure wide deployment and Visual help in the battle for hearts and minds in Israel and in the diaspora. “Goldston himself admitted that if when the dialog he knew what he knows today, based on the same visual materials, the report seemed otherwise,” said Maj. Ohana.

Translated from Hebrew