“IDF moves to return to the forefront of technology to the South”

Teleprocessing completes IDF South network project “, which connects the Mainland air arms and one operational system. 80% of the underlying intelligence will wipe

תאריך: 03/10/2013, 14:19    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב

Great South: a Conference ‘ into the Negev – challenges and opportunities “held
Yesterday (Tue) at Ben-Gurion University, presented a plan to wipe bases on various aspects. The Conference was held, inter alia, in the presence of Defense Minister, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Moshe Yaalon, top Boogie teleprocessing Champ Uzi Moskowitz, head of Planning Division of the Planning Department Brig. Gen. Yehezkel and Aegean senior industry of Azerbaijan, at Ben-Gurion University and the Ministry of education.

The program and expanding the scope includes three ‘ coincidence ‘ constructed in the Negev – the instruction (also known as ‘ in town), to include in all the various training bases of the IDF, that are
Most camp tzrifin, tcshovi technology campus, which includes the computer unit to bottom and computing facilities of air force and Navy, and the intelligence, to include 80% of the IDF intelligence bases, including the master rolls and elite intelligence unit 8200.

“The IDF is already in combat training bases like shizafon, HAL (the base training of Corps – j. c.) and a paratrooper, but now we will move to the forefront of technological core to the South,” said in his speech Director General planning, agay Yehezkel. One of the main challenges in transition to wipe it, naturally, move personnel – in total will move to new bases 30000 soldiers and officers, including 6000 permanent personnel. “The goal is not to get the permanent position of commuting, but stays permanently in the South,” Brigadier General
Ezekiel. “To do this we need to provide them with educational, cultural and recreational skins to suit your needs
As families, expanded on his speech.

The first main project is expected to move to the Negev is tcshovi technology campus, as will the Lotem unit, developing and operating unit of C4I Corps. Future set up base near Ben Gurion University, taking advantage of the opportunity to create relationships with academic and research University. One of the major challenges in front of them going beyond ICT facilities he wishes to maintain means of computing efficiency during the transition. “It’s like building a plane while it was flying, it head of ICT, General Uzi Moskowitz,
In her lecture in the framework of the Conference. “One of our main objectives in the South aisle is to connect industry, education institutions and the IDF together.”

Section officers
Computers can participate in a unique program for graduate studies in Cyber University
Ben Gurion security industries. Besides the opportunity to exploit the wide space to offer, have a look at teleprocessing switching as an opportunity to implement the ‘ network ‘, which target Israeli army eventually establishing a joint operational one registration for all arms. “we must not totally exempt from conventional armies of the time,” explained the head of the Department. “We have a different kind of enemies-hybrid mix of guerrilla and military capabilities. The Hezbollah guerrilla organization, is not only a terrorist organization and military – all? “said Gen. Moskowitz. He said that to deal with this enemy is necessary on the system common to all operational IDF arms connect the dimensions of intelligence, maneuver and attack of the arms.

Later in the Conference.
Colonel ra’anan spoke dearly, head of the Department’s transition Director. The intelligence becomes the gravity center of the IDF intelligence, and technology units
Will her Intelligence Division until 2020. “This is an unprecedented challenge, Greece not found that organization for the power we are engaged and still maintain
Its personnel, “said Colonel dearly. In contrast to high-tech companies ready to take 3-4 years of low to meet the task, the Intelligence Division can’t afford a reduction in scope or quality. “Our top goal is strengthening its intelligence superiority, and integrating and developing local human resources,” concluded Colonel.


Translated from Hebrew