IDF officers Championship ended; Chief: gym-soul of the army’s nose

Thousands of officers and officers from the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and above, the various military units
Participate in a variety of sports competitions held throughout the day. GoC army won
Achievements in competitions

תאריך: 17/10/2012, 18:12    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן ומערכת אתר צה”ל

“Many champions, and one champion” that described the Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, Commander in Chief, the car his team in the game where played today under IDF officers Championship.

The Championship, which took place at the WinGate Institute, aims to unite all IDF senior commanders around the important issue. “As things look today, ads
IDF commanders of growing health and fitness, “said the Chief of staff to the site.
“The challenge of combat and fitness רמ”ח all system is build more training programs now, and not to rest on our laurels, “said.

The participants in the Championship were all officers and officers from the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or higher units of the army.

IDF officers Championship ended; Chief: gym-soul of the army’s nose

The event in the field of combat, which took place on the 11th time, and combines a variety of sports competitions in the assign, such as: basketball, soccer, volleyball, 5, street-ball ‘, netball, swimming, orienteering, tennis, ping-pong and Threesomes. First, the reserve also took part in the Championship.

During the day, along with Chief of general staff Charter champions commanders decide: lifestyles “of physical culture and healthy lifestyle as part of normal life.

It seems that the highlight of the day was the game between popular forum champions and Veterans team Maccabi Tel Aviv. For the Joint Chiefs, who stole the show was the revch (Chief Military Rabbi), Rafi Peretz that surprise and turned out to be the key player of the team.
“She’s beautiful, veterans tradition of Maccabi Tel Aviv could set an example for the seriousness which they take the tradition,” said the Chief of staff at the end of the game. “I really enjoyed the game,” said southern command Chief, Gen. Tal Russo, “it took me many years to days when you played basketball.” Despite the efforts of the Joint Chiefs, the game ended with a result in favor of Veterans ‘ 00:18 Maccabi Tel Aviv, and they come out as losers for the second year in a row.

It seemed that most popular Forum members, which out of uniform for one day for sports clothes and sports shoes, produced a gun sports competitions where participated. Chief revealed that his favorite sport is running, and is trying to run twice a week with his wife, and spending time with her. “I’m not as fit as I was being from paratroopers, but I still try,” shared the “ultimately helps us also gym Warrior army and large enterprise physical culture and ways of life that are worth a candle at his feet,” explained Lt. General Gantz, “I expect that over the next year not this; annexation and vice versa, promote it within their respective activities. Combat fitness is really the soul of the Army fighter’s nose “.

Who came out victorious WinGate were GoC army headquarters, which first won first place in the overall productivity of assign. “We worked hard and believed to win the Championship,” said the Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Sami turgeman, knew it would be tough, but we couldn’t resist it and proof of this is the difference between the points of the first two.

List of winners:

Officers with the rank of Colonel in the basketball team has won the air force;
The volleyball team won the Division intelligence officers;
Ball won the female Division national network of intelligence;
The team won the arm team navigation land;
Beckett. officers received command team;
Threes contest won champion AVI Mizrahi;
Running the arm team won competitive land;
In street ball arm national officers won.

In the news: Bokor participated, opened carmeli, Rotem pesos and Dana Petrov

Translated from Hebrew