IDF officers Conference host first international medicine on behalf of NATO

כנס ה-COMEDS בשנה שעברה

The COMEDS Conference, held for the first time outside NATO countries and Europe will focus on promoting the cooperation of NATO countries in military medicine, disaster medicine and humanitarian medicine

תאריך: 20/05/2012, 20:12    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

This week host the IDF medical corps, led the main medical officers and senior medical officers (General level) NATO countries COMEDS Conference
Is the main medical officers of NATO countries, including partner countries, mtchns annually in the State organization. His head going by Brigadier-General Dr. Rob van der Meer
From Holland. The organization focuses on policies and promoting the cooperation of the countries of NATO and partner countries in the field of military medicine, disaster medicine and humanitarian medicine.
This year.
Select the Organization to hold annual Conference in Israel. This is the first time you enter exist outside NATO countries and Europe, the event is a valuable achievement internationally.
During the Conference there will be lectures, discussions, forums, various panels and display capabilities of Israel in international assistance in disaster events and humanitarian crises, the topic gets a lot of resonance within NATO as well as the State of Israel’s abilities are displayed in response to non-conventional events.
These capabilities will be illustrated using large-scale exercise in collaboration with medical corps forces home front command and the Soroka Hospital in Beersheba.
The Conference signed at Gala to be held in Tel Aviv, attended by generals, their wives and their helpers, head of technology
And logistics, champion Kobe, Chief Medical Officer Brigadier General Dr. Isaac Kreis, and other senior officers.

Translated from Hebrew