IDF officers in Hebron took part in the symposium highlighted the importance of its activities in the sector

The Judea brigade held a symposium on the subject of implementing the civil element in operational activities in the sector, in which participated included officers from mm to Majuro

תאריך: 27/10/2011, 21:57    
מחבר: אופיר הגלילי, אתר צה”ל

IDF activity report involves a constant guard on the insecure citizens of Israel and soldiers, along with maximum concern for preserving the fabric of Palestinian life. For example, workers regularly Hebron IDF forces, in an area where there are about 163 thousand Palestinians next to 750. These circumstances generate few challenges for our troops, who need constant concern within their region.

This weekend took place in Yehuda Brigade Symposium civil component implementation in operational activities in the sector, in which took part from mm to officers, the Kfir Brigade and the paratroopers brigade. During the day, we organize civil administration to run many officers
Among them: a representative from the Red Cross, spokesman for the Judea and Samaria Division, the fourth foreign correspondent and Palestinian businessman who explained its activities in space and the sensitivities of the perspective.

“The elements in sector are unique only to IO, we are within the civilian population, both Palestinian and Israeli, work is with tweezers,
Open the seminar, Deputy Commander Col. Yehuda Brigade tiling and dawn. He noted that the young educated if otklano straight pop. Here, we show more. However, this is not true – because all you need is to figure out how to activate the fully informed “means.

“Victory is not worth space without winning in the media

Down the things referred to Maj. Yael bar, criminal and terrorist רמ”ד for details
The legislative system and Bayou in remarks made major bar that the IDF is operating in this area according to international law and in accordance with Israeli law. It also refreshed the memories of the officers about to perform routine events correctly. “How to turn correctly? What to do when Israel violates the law? What is the age of a minor in- And how do you inform the family in case of an arrest, “all these questions being thrown on her hands.
The officers answered, and she clarified their answers so that the next time when they are facing such a situation, they have no doubt.

“What will you do when you do stop photographer?,” asked major to finish.
The question has a variety of different answers and made one of the most difficult challenges of
Warrior Bayu, version 2000-dealing with the media, has been a major factor.

Captain outright Division spokesman Barak Raz, conversed with the officers on the role of the camera, as part of the security activity. “Victory in the field no longer worth much without a corresponding media arena,” said Captain Raz, “you have to remember that everything you do in this area was photographed and documented by anyone and therefore maintaining a high professionalism and keeping IDF values – increases tenfold.”

Captain Raz said that he likes “the journalist gone, he just tells the story from the point of view”. As Greece, he argues that the current activities and disturbances, it is important to integrate documentation from the Israeli media, which would allow the display of “picture to picture”, “tell the story” angle too.

The purpose of the seminar: clarifying the legal regulations in the area.

“I think this Conference is very much essential to Greece, renewable procedures all the time, shared the company Mag Stripe קמב”ץ, Captain Audrey. Captain harush said the IDF site tasks will be professional and correct. There are few laws or regulations which are not distinct enough to soldiers operating in the area, such as a soldier’s authority in almost the same powers. “Most soldiers don’t know that waiting without a police force,” he said. According to him, the seminar “clarifies the procedures, officers participating in it can deliver the messages to their subordinates, either.”

During the seminar took part in senior businessman from Hebron told officers about personal experiences, on the economy at different periods and external relations
Its branches are also trading with the Israeli side. The officers showed great interest and ask about the Palestinian street noises lately, given the Palestinian effort to unrecognised or harboi estimates that if such a move will be approved, “it would be a change in the perception of the Palestinians.”

The Palestinians, fearing the new reality “, which often characterize riots. The concern expressed is also a potential grantee in this economy. The hardest thing for the family is to get up in the morning and not knowing where to get food for children. Need to think about this direction. “

“Such officers Conference is very significant, especially when it comes to Hebron, part of a battalion of the Kfir Brigade 96, Lt. Col. Arie Schori. “It’s the complexity, political and economic, the lectures helped officers to understand the deeper issues and it is essential when Greece so they know how to handle it better,” he concluded.

Translated from Hebrew