IDF opens a week of war against drugs and alcohol.

The Special letter: “anti-corruption achievements reached in battle serving in IDF and we continue to take action. Do anything to risk will never be part of our routine. ” Read full remarks.

תאריך: 18/12/2012, 11:57    
מחבר: רא”ל בנימין (בני) גנץ

A few weeks ago ended operation “pillar”, in which the IDF fought to restore quiet to the South. In recent days celebrate the Hanukkah holiday
And mentioned that the fight for freedom in our nation in his country from the Hasmonean period, ninotiham of Judas Maccabeus and his men, and the day-to-day work, soldiers and commanders, for the security of Israel. Still today, we demonstrate determination, steadfastness and stamina to face any enemy that threatens our existence.

In addition to hatmoddotheno with security threats near and far, we need to face a dangerous enemy that works in our midst. It touched drugs and alcohol abuse became ill in Israeli society and unfortunately not IDF lines as part of the fight that we run throughout the year to eradicate the phenomenon, we note that in the war on drugs and alcohol, between 17-31 December (4-9 9-י”ח).

We arrived to a campaign to eradicate the phenomenon among serving in IDF and we continue to take action, enforcement and stringent punishment, but still a long way ahead. 2011 seized 360 soldiers who drove under the influence while on vacation and 21 soldiers and officers acted under the influence of alcohol in vehicles. During the past year were a number of accidents and adverse events among soldiers that drink being on duty.

Lifetime risk is an integral part of our operational activity and military organization, but we need to do everything we can to ensure that risk will never be part of our routine no more risk and revolting than a soldier or army commander who loses control due to excessive drinking of alcohol or drug abuse, on vacation and even more.

The serious events that have occurred in recent months due to alcohol and drug abuse require us to stop a ritual activity for several hours and hold dialogue with the theme.
In addition to the enforcement actions taken and advocacy activities, I expect every single one of the commanders and incident command posts, to take personal responsibility and command and take an active part in the war against drugs and alcohol.


Translated from Hebrew