IDF programmers gathered to promote the software operational performance

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The Conference lectures were high-tech professionals on improving response times, availability and efficient utilization of resources. Mr. Chief: “IDF” critical developments

תאריך: 24/03/2013, 14:40    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Over 100 developers from wings & IDF intelligence and various arms arrived last week to convene a performance basm (School of computer science). The aim of the Conference, which takes place for the fifth time, is to raise awareness of the importance of the person in the field of software they develop and which are used in all arms and military wings.

Field performance of lean main three criteria – availability, response times and efficient utilization of resources, which are vital to running an operational system.
“In the military world is the performance,” said Mr. Chief, Colonel h. “You have to understand that the code we write is not going to leap on app store but the Chief administrative systems we develop not disabled in emergencies, and therefore everything that we develop is critical to the IDF’s activity in normal and emergency. This means that the implementation should be part of the responsibility of the programmer.

In the lectures of stakeholders in civilian high-tech companies, which were conducted in three different technological pathways. “I have no doubt that a donor conference transmitted wanted to raise awareness,” said head of performance, Captain Yaniv Israel. “A large part of this is a matter of education and implantation, and even if we were able to sharpen the short-term stuff so ultimately bring good results.

Translated from Hebrew