IDF project was awarded “ITAWARDS Union

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Attn to teleprocessing won thanks to the project, whose development series to network sites with shared components

תאריך: 15/12/2011, 17:51    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

IDF project “consolidation of to teleprocessing won today (Thursday) in the category” armed forces “, ITAWARDS contest, held by the magazine.
“People and computers”. The aim of the project is the unifying their series and their various Web sites running.

Three years ago came in to the conclusion that the army many network sites operated by various entities in the army without a virtually shared lines indicating that the different parts of the same whole. The lack of uniformity is also sometimes created problems not IDF image aspect simple and sbarto, in Israel and abroad. The project initiator, head of Internet and information systems major Shai sohami, supported by the commanders, led since then.

Web systems section opposite matrix property, which won the tender, the various needs in ו”ארגז network tools” that includes more standard components and less developed
To use the military. He also set several sizes and cost accounted of as possible when body seeking to establish official website on the Internet can view your needs and gain a solution suitable for him.

Major sohami wishes to stress that beyond צה”לי site development process simplify and ל”לקוחות professional escort, saved and saves millions of dollars project. Component developed according to some on-line or arm force, enters the store and other customers of the IDF at a minimal cost. Also, working with one company, based on price, in coordination and supervision teleprocessing, saving many expenses.

The sites developed since starting the IDF site project, open the site and the military police – look very different at first but actually include component skins, such as navigation, search component in all IDF websites and SEO (promoting the site in search engines). The perception that led the project is the title of units
The IDF, while maintaining the design lines remain the same, in order to preserve that feeling on the network sites. In the near future are expected to cost additional websites under the unified format – אט”ל website, home front command and the Navy.

Upon receiving the award at the Conference “people and computers”, major sohami to its development team that worked with determination and tirelessly to promote the project and to the accompaniment of the IDF spokesperson, made the initial vision to reality and to the IDF presence on the Internet.

Translated from Hebrew