IDF spokesman: alerts, but no change in the guidelines for residents

Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai (Foley) was referring to the security situation in the Israel-Egypt border, in light of all the bombing and stressed that “life goes on as usual, residents can rest in peace.”

תאריך: 06/12/2011, 09:45    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai (Polly) addressed this morning (Tuesday) to IDF preparations
The southern border, the background reports concerning an increase in the threat level in Israel-Egypt border and in the region.

In an interview with Israeli army radio said Brig. Gen. Mordechai stated that there is an ongoing alert already exists and many months in relation to Eilat Israel-Egypt border. “Producers” have triggered is
More points. There is no change in the guidelines for population, the road is closed since August is still closed. But the warnings have not changed guidelines, can drop to Eilat, vacation, travel, and life goes on as usual “.

“Yesterday was the wrong message canceled trips of the Ministry of education in the region,” explained Brig. Gen. Mordecai, was a miscommunication between military officials of the Ministry of education. In fact, tours
Continue. Moreover, recently decided, General Commander of the 80th nadav unadulterated Zit popping, reduce closed areas were forbidden to travel and to allow educators to explore them.

The IDF spokesperson explained that the concern is that Chinese has become a region where officials running
Many terrorist. “Unfortunately, it has become a platform for both Palestinian terror organizations and global Jihad, to produce. At this time we are on the alert for attack, which is no different from notification and therefore no changes to guidelines and residents can rest in peace, “said Brig. Gen. Mordecai.

The IDF also discussed cooperation with the Egyptian army and defining it “good”.
“Occurs regularly contact surface levels, meetings and I set him a total כ’חיובי.

Brig. Gen. Mordechai also discussed the topic of the southernmost border infiltrators and defines the data regarding “annoying”. “Only in November, we’re talking about 2,500 infiltrators
At the border. From the beginning of the year, however, about 14 thousand infiltrators and assessments are spinning in between 30 and 40 thousand infiltrators. “

The IDF spokesperson said that IDF has dedicated great efforts on several levels to reduce and stop
The phenomenon. “Set in building momentum very advanced, with 30 teams and above
400 employees work in the field. The Chief sets so that 00 12.12.12, over the wall. The Nitzana, oacha Eilat, including all points. I suppose there’s a chance that precede that date before the end of 2012, “the Brigadier General.

“Accelerating the construction of the fence explains the increase in the number of infiltrators,” added the IDF spokesperson, “as infiltrators realize that set is closed, they accelerate.
The Egyptians in border centers and even more aggressively than we.
The IDF operates in different standards.

Extra effort referred Brig. Gen. Mordecai done on border security, red shotzvat, אוגמ”ר 80, became the Division back and more. Also noted Brig. Gen. Mordecai
That the IDF “investing in additional observations and measures to improve intelligence collection capabilities
Israel-Egypt border. The Division also worked in the sector, a big effort centers shbsha and thus work assuming that the infiltrators are not armed and therefore must be transferred to immigration authorities in Israel.

Referring to the issue of integrating women in the IDF, said Brig. Gen. Mordechai “IDF oholei army is a microcosm of society and military women can sing over each stage.”
He noted that “now runs a team coordinated by the head of the IDF personnel Directorate, Gen. Ali mstmanim, love the directions from which they are defined and in all official military ceremony, it is unthinkable that a soldier will not participate. Can’t decide in advance not to invite women from military bands. But, on the other hand, if there is a laughing stock and dance party in the pool in blood and religious respect soldiers creed and religion and say they don’t want – so the commanders not to force them. “

“Chief stated that ultimately, the IDF Chief is the one who decides. Commanders sent troops into battle, visiting bereaved families and make decisions in life, I guess you can get decisions on women in capital, “added Brigadier General Mordechai, also refer to the fact that the IDF continues to expand upward mobilizing ultra-Orthodox army, from working as” people’s Army “.

Referring to the SCUDs in Syria which was held last weekend, stating that “the IDF Brig.-Gen. Mordechai and UM not surprised exercise held in Eastern Syria. Was the presentation capabilities of the Syrian army and fired several missiles which includes Scud the ranges of hundreds of miles, shot to the Northeast. There’s kind of a protest, to the international community not to be involved in signaling that Syria and the threats have not yet caught.
From the world. The IDF, as policy, watching what is happening and not interfere in any active move and I hope will continue. “

Translated from Hebrew