Date: 01/07/2005, 11:46 pm the IDF removed because tonight (Wed), 14 Tammuz תשע”ה, July 1, 2015, in accordance with the guidance of the political echelon, the IDF engineering forces, in cooperation with the Israel police personnel, the sealing of the terrorist Abu Jamal ever seen Ben process in the Jebel-in East Jerusalem.
Home sealing performed as part of the ongoing fight against terrorism and tshtiotav and making terrorist attack that occurred in the murderous November תשע”ה, November 18, 2014, which broke the Abu Oudeh Abu Jamal and Jamil Ghassan Ben process Ben Muhammad to the synagogue in Har NOF neighborhood in Jerusalem, opened fire and attacked them using hatchets.
During the murderous bombing killed four worshipers, Moshe twersky, Rabbi Kalman Levin, Abraham Samuel Goldberg z l and z kopinski plus assassinated terrorists fire policeman, Israel
Advanced Zidane Sergeant Seif.
Two terrorists have been eliminated during the scene of the attack by Israel Police.
Continue to follow the political guidelines, in cooperation with security agencies and not even hesitate to use all legal means at its disposal in order to strike at terrorists and to help them, and to deter further attacks performed.

Translated from Hebrew