Date: 20/01/2016, pm the IDF removed because today (Wed) 10th nine tribe, 20 January 2016, ended in exercise northern command.

To exercise all the command units which practiced the Syrian front conflict alongside Lebanese front conflict with sea and air force wing.

It is the first of its kind that length in as little as two weeks. Throughout this exercise resulted from the desire to put the command headquarters and units on the closest to reality and facilitate effective learning processes.

The exercise was planned and designed to enhance the competence, leads to a significant leap in the command and command capabilities of its units.

OC desert North, Gen. Aviv kochavi: “the exercise brought to the fore the implementation of operational programmes in cooperation with IDF arms against the global Jihad and Hezbollah, both in Syria and in Lebanon. Which practiced large-scale maneuver, fire and attacking thousands of targets in vendors.

Translated from Hebrew