Date: 21/02/2016, 19:00
IDF ethics because today (Sunday), 12th in the Adar Alef, 21 February 2016, starting with the IDF’s and the European command u.s. Army vendor Juniper Cobra “16” aimed at improving cooperation and coordination between the two armies and competence enhancement to protect against ballistic missiles.

The exercise takes place in Israel from biannual charity 2001 took place the eighth time.

During the exercise, which was planned from 2014, will take part over 1700 American soldiers who practice together with IDF forces in computerized simulation scenarios.

During the exercise, a slight movement of the security forces throughout the country.

This exercise represents an opportunity for both armies to mutual learning and practice. This is a further step in the strategic relationship between the State of Israel and the United States and will contribute greatly to the stability of the region.

The words of the Commander of the air defense command, Brig. Gen. Zvika haimovitch: exercise is a major milestone in the strategic relationship between the two countries, the equivalent security among countries in the world. This collaboration reflects a commitment to protecting the lives of civilians as well as for evaluation, the air force and air defense. “

The words of doctrine and training division of the u.s. Army, General white soup: “support Israel’s right to defend itself was an integral part of u.s. policy in the region for decades. The exercise has been and will continue to provide support for those policies. This is the main trick of the United States in the region and is the top priority of EUCOM in 2016. “

Translated from Hebrew