Date: 30/08/2015, the IDF removed: ’cause today (Sunday), 15 Elul תשע”ה, August 30
2015, appointed Colonel Roman “Etzion Brigade Commander Goffman. The Exchange ceremony was held at the “national” Herodion in Eastern Gush Etzion, Commander of the Judea and Samaria Division, Brigadier-General Lior carmeli, and controls Division, fighters and family members are welcome.
Colonel Roman Goffman replaced his fellow-champion right, which played this role over the past two years.
Commander of the Judea and Samaria Division, Brigadier-General Lior carmeli: “on June 12, 2001
Abducted and killed Gilad, Naftali frenkiel and heinous homicide late fagr and perform “return haiddo” the risks in this space and the importance of the steadfast defense of her mission in charge of the Division and the Division as a whole. Colleague, you could connect really everything met the people, soldiers and first and foremost to civilians but also mirrors, challenges and special heritage. Roman stisha-your eyes you’ll see that the convoy to another, it is in spirit and heart and time exceeded the limits of that sector and
. Insert column convoy and find many join-commanders, soldiers and settlers.
For her head and continued to lead them wisely and carefully on values. “
The Division Commander said Etzion, Colonel colleague: “on the road between Jerusalem and Hebron, she cut the Etzion resident. Significant history pieces drawn in rugby, alongside a revamped groundbreaking settlement heading bravely yet revival of the nation.
Join the circumstances and I ordered this sector over the last two years. Our business including picking
Right balance points within the State system, and I hope and believe the achrano right.
The Division Commander said Etzion, Colonel Roman Goffman: “today, in a deep sense of mission and responsibility I take charge of the Etzion Brigade. Space where the security reality, in the broadest sense, changes constantly.
The threats and risks making shape and as Greece, adapt and rise to an ongoing struggle.
Our mission: to protect obvious Gush Etzion residents, protecting Jerusalem, preventing the terror, maintaining law and order and life in the ethical framework and spirit
The IDF “.

Translated from Hebrew