Date: 20/10/2005, 8:05 am the IDF removed because during the night (Mon), 6th November, תשע”ו, 19 October 2015, during a joint IDF and General Security Service arrested a senior Hamas terrorist organization Hassan Yusuf in the town of bitunya, southwest of Ramallah.

Hassan Yousef, born in 1955, a resident of Ramallah, a senior Hamas terrorist in Judea and Samaria, is involved in intensive activity for inciting terrorism, was arrested and imprisoned several times in the past and is causing ferment violence and struggle in Israel among Palestinians.

The arrest requested is made Thunder “Regiment of artillery” and “territorial division” Benjamin “in cooperation with the General Security Service.

Requested has been moved to the security forces.

The IDF and the security forces will continue to take appropriate measures to safeguard the security of citizens of the State of Israel and to act against the terrorist organizations in Judea and Samaria.

Translated from Hebrew