IDF targets banking: a glimpse into the center of the southern command’s classified

פגז נורה מטנק. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Major Liron when randish was the first officer of the South Centre, and provided intelligence to attack targets in operation “pillar”: “out of the job in great pride.”

תאריך: 18/09/2013, 16:33    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד הדרום

One of the first days of operation pillar was major Liron as אג”ם officer, Central randish fire in southern command, on the way home which is located in the community of Netivot. It was late, the phones haven’t stopped ringing, and she decided to pull over and answer calls non-constant. At the same time major exam as overhead lights randish, rocket lights in the darkness. At that moment it was obvious more than ever what her position, what it protects and what is working. “The purpose of what you’re doing, a commemorative” major sensations randish in conversation with IDF site toward the end. “The South realized during the operation on what we’re up against, you’re alive, you feel like you’re defending the House and it stimulates you to continue giving great satisfaction.”

The fire Center of southern command is less extensive in terms of numeric
And highly classified. While living, the main occupation is fire fighting programs while living and escalations, by setting goals and working closely with intelligence. “Gaza is a little tight,” she explained. “Each goal should be for a lot of credentials to avoid harming bystanders not to damage to property and infrastructure,” she added.


IDF targets banking: a glimpse into the center of the southern command’s classified

Major as in brother and randish. cooperation with the air force, artillery, and to
The issue of avoiding harm to the civilian population, and is working with the Department of the army.
During operation “pillar”, for example, the Central dilemmas many humane.  “We saw a case of rocket launchers at buildings which were human rights organizations, journalists or non-mixed population,” recalled Maj. as randish. “It’s not easy, you need to stick to the judgment and decide shortly,” noted.

“During the fighting have been collaborating
With the IDF when assault, moved the information in real time, this lesson
Of operation cast lead, told major as randish. The main cooperation the Centre carried out mainly against air force, but also with the Navy, and even with electronic warfare.

“Next operation the enemy tries to hurt people, not just in”

In reality the “pillar” the IDF will not rest on our laurels and the fire already produce Bank targets. “We understand the enemy learns and develops.
He understands that attack important goals and begins to attack the UN structures and bystanders to make us tough, “claimed Maj. as randish. “They’re already beginning to operate underground and have the ability to escape from under the ground. As far as we’re concerned the operation.
Next focus in people too, not just in the buildings, “she added.

During operation “pillar” the IDF found homes in Hamas ‘ military wing and hit them. “We realized that what hurts the most,” she explained and stated that “hit and we couldn’t do it without the bottom entry. Today it seems that major as a satisfied peace randish obtained. “Until today has not been quiet after operation cast lead,” she explained.

After three years on the job, leaving a major fire Center randish but ensures that next sale is.
“I get out of the job in a very large sense of pride,” she summed up. The military training is started even in sickle, Commander class, and kept away in the chain of command to the company command post, shpikada on the first company that took part in the “path” (a military course for conversion). The southern command is reached during the disengagement, and served as a liaison officer to the Director.

In the line of duty, she knew the officer agenda
Then command Brig. Gen. (Res.) David Suiza, and began to serve as his assistant. In the line of duty revealed a major interest in randish eg and include fire, and later continued as artillery training officer, where deepened. “After I finished the job to Chief artillery officer and offered me the officer fire Center agenda. I was shocked, it is a profession that people raised in of having to understand,
Said. Major role came as randish and the rest is history, and thus became the first woman filling the role. These days she is preparing for her next role in principal “Itamar” choosing a headquarters central fire, and takes her job experience, experiences
And the people.

Translated from Hebrew